Thursday, 27 October 2011

Circle Quartet: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I come back home, feeling a little bit disappointed because I can’t buy the thing that I wanted to since this morning; the battery for my air-conditioner remote. I don’t know whether I can make it to next week. The 70 percent off thing is still lingering in my mind.

I sigh and throw myself on bed. Why today? Why can’t they invite me tomorrow? I really need the battery. Otherwise I have to get the stand fan in the study room.

“Alice, let’s choose the dress for the hi-tea. Hey, why do you look so gloomy?” she asks as she pops to my room.

“Nothing. I’m thinking of the Biology project,” I lied. “You choose, Bet. I don’t mind,”

“Don’t be like that. Let’s see,” she opens my closet, “how about the red blouse? You love the colour, don’t you?” she takes out the red blouse and shows it to me.

I nod. “Yeah. I think I’ll wear that one. What about you?” I get off from bed.

“I think I’ll wear the yellow. Zayne will like it. After all, this dress is his last year present,” she giggles.

Zayne Silver is Beatrice’s fiancée. And they are a romantic couple, I guess.

Raina dashes into my room and shows us her weird dress. It looks more like a pyjama than a dress because there brown bears spotted all over the dress. “Isn’t this pretty?” she sways right and left.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to wear that freaky dress for the hi-tea? Grandma will kill you!” I burst into laughter. The dress definitely not suitable for hi-tea.

“Hey! This is not freaky! It’s unique. You two don’t know how to appreciate creativity.”

“That’s not creativity, Raina. That’s ridiculous!” laughs Beatrice.

“Go ahead. Laugh your head off. You’ll see what Aunt Amethyst will say about this dress. She’ll say this is the nicest dress ever,” says Raina.

“She’s not blind, idiot! She’ll definitely laugh louder than us. Go change to more suitable dress, Raina. Or Grandma will turn you into a frog,” I say, wiping my tears because of the laughter.

“Oh, really? That would be great because I can be a frog princess. Tavis will kiss me and I’ll turn into human again,” she smirks.

“Okay then,” I smirk and glance at Beatrice. “Grandma!” I shout but Raina quickly cups my mouth with her hand. I can see she is nervous.

“I’m just joking, okay?” she hisses. “Fine. I’ll wear the other dress.”

She goes to her room and Beatrice and I laugh again. Raina can be bothersome quite sometimes.

We go to the Silver’s Mansion with Rolls Royce car. It is the car for formal occasion, just like this one. I can’t wait to meet Dafne. Last time we met was two months ago during the family gatherings. Dafne’s family lives a little bit far from our mansion because Uncle Anders, Dafne’s father is an assassin. Basically, assassins live far from their family.

We reach the mansion in 30 minutes. Raina is getting sleepy; she yawns so many times and asks are-we-there-yet question every 5 minutes, though she can’t wait to meet her fiancée, Tavis. I can see the mansion as soon as the car passes the main gate. Welcome to The Wolf’s Den, I say to myself.

“Welcome my lovely dearest!” greets Amethyst Silver; Amy, for short; the Wolf Mother. “Please, make yourself comfortable.”

We greet her and follow her to the garden which is surrounded by apple, peache and orange trees. It looks like an orchard to me. It is wide, open and sunny. Mr. Azure Silver, the Wolf Father, is waiting for us with their sons, the Wolf Children. Raina makes the first attack as she sees Tavis, the blond-haired Wolf. She runs towards him - Tavis does likewise, and they hug and twirl on the grass and giggle. That’s Raina and Tavis for you. They seem like they haven’t met for several years – ironically, they go to the same school.

“I see that both of you are happy to see each other again,” Mr. Azure smiles.

“Of course, sir. We all do,” says Raina. She is still hugging Tavis.

“Come, come,” Aunt Amy takes my hand and Beatrice, “before the tea gets cold.”

We take our seat and Aunt Amy pours the tea. “Where’s Dafne? Grandma said that she’ll come too,” asks Beatrice.

“She’ll come soon. Nash has gone to pick her up. Both of them are taking a break from the intensive training. So,” Aunt Amy turns to Beatrice, “how’s the college?”

“It’s quite good and I have to memorise some of the magic spells. Before that, we need to undergo certain tests. Grandma is expecting me to go for the next level next year,” Beatrice answers politely but sounds happy.

“Aunt Zelda told me once that you have the potential to surpass her. Nowadays, girls do much better than boys, don’t you guys think so?” Aunt Amy glances naughtily at her husband and we laugh. She has the point there.

As we are chit-chatting about the current issues – which make Raina keeps talking most of the time, there’s a car parks near our Rolls Royce. The car is very familiar to us. Dafne and Nash, the dark-blue hair Wolf arrive. We greet her with joy and she really misses us. The hi-tea is getting happening with jokes sharing and laughter. Mr. Azure is a genuine joker. I can’t believe that Werewolves can make jokes, just like Dad. We love and laugh at his jokes, except the hazel-haired Wolf who is sitting in front of me. He doesn’t utter any word since the hi-tea started.

“It’s still early,” says Aunt Amy, looking at her watch. “Sons, why don’t you take the girls to somewhere special? It’ll be nice.”

“I was thinking of that, too, Mother,” says Zayne. I know that he loves going out especially with Beatrice.

Zayne is the eldest Wolf in his family and he’s a brother to us, even though we have our own brothers. Smile never fades from his face and what makes we like about him is he likes to treat us at the Mc Donald’s.

“Great! We can go shopping!” chirps Raina and Dafne. Although Dafne may seems to be a quiet person but when it comes to shopping, nothing can stop them to squeal with joy.

“Let’s go now! I heard that the sale is still on!” Tavis raises up his hands.

Dafne grabs Nash’s hand, Beatrice and Zayne excuse themselves to Zayne’s car, and of course, the out-loud couple, Raina and Tavis have already gone with the wind. Only Hazel Wolf and I are still sitting and staring at each other. This is not going to be good. I really, really want to go to the Jher Mall. The word ‘70 percent off’ pops out in my head.

“Stefan, aren’t you going to ask Alice to go somewhere? To a mall perhaps?” asks Mr. Azure, patting gently on his son’s shoulder.

Stefan nods and I follow him to his silver sporty Mazda. He opens the door for me and we leave the mansion.

“Where do you want to go?” he asks.

“Umm…Jher Mall,” I say without looking at him, “please.”

He nods and the awkward silence begins.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Circle Quartet: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

My name is Alice Amber and I’m a vampire. Well, not real vampire but half. My Dad is a vampire and my Mom is a witch. I know it doesn’t make any sense but impossible is nothing – like my Grandma Zelda always says to all of us. My family is kind of weird when using the family name. You see, I’m the only in my family who carry the name of Amber because I’m a vampire, not a witch while my two younger brothers are wizards (they don’t have any vampire genetic in their blood) so they carry the name of Black which is from my Mom’s family. Same goes to Uncle Archie’s family where his wife, Aunt Nadine, is a Shape-shifter which carries the name of Primrose.

I live like a normal person does. I go to school, I have lots of friends, and I do lots of outdoor activities. Dad told me that I’m a vampire when I was seven years old. I used to read a lot about vampires – most of them are myths and legends. So when I knew that I’m a vampire, I was afraid to go out to play under the sun or eat garlic or having a bad dream of a stake that went through my heart. But then, Dad said that that was a myth. We live in 21st Century so there are no such things.

Dad is a professor and he loves sun bathing every weekend. Nothing bad happened to us, vampires, because we always take our blood supply enough for one month. And that’s the secret of why we can stay long under the sun or eat garlic. We only drink the blood supply which been purified by the expert witches and wizards. I’ll tell you later on how we get the blood supply. Right now, I’m rushing to school.

This is my final year being a high school student. Nothing much happen since I’m a senior except for the college examinations. But I won’t enter those colleges anyway. Grandma Maegan has already chosen the college for me. It’s not a college actually but it’s some kind of special school for vampires who already turned 18. It’s our tradition to further our study there. Still, I need to pass all the examinations with flying colours. If not, Dad will give me some kind of detention or grounding session which I really, really hate it.

I park my bike at the bike park and walk to the lockers. My locker is situated near my class so I don’t need to worry much if the first bell rings. I open my locker and search for the History text book. History is my favourite subject because I never failed this subject before. In fact, I just love history since I was a kid. Maybe because of Grandma Maegan’s house is full with history books. I used to live with her until I was 10.

“Alice, check this out,” my best friend, Paola, appears out of the blue. She shows me an advertisement I don’t know where is it came from.

“What’s that?” I ask, close my locker with a bang.

“There’s a sale at the Jher Mall! See these? 70 percent off!” I nearly turn deaf, twice.

I squint as I see something that catches my mind. The 70 percent off thing really hypnotize me. The last date will be next week. If I don’t go today, I might not get the ‘thing’ inside the ad.

“So? Are you going or not?” Paola waits for my respond which was pending two minutes ago.

“Of course! I need to grab this,” I point to the ‘thing’. “I can’t miss this, can I?” I wink.

“I knew it! Great! Let’s tell the others,” Paola grabs my hand and we run to the class.

Paola spreads about the 70 percent off things and most of my classmates – except for the boys, are planning to go to the Jher Mall after school. I check my reminders for today and lucky me I don’t have any appointment, I mean, any important appointment for today.

I focus on the History today and Miss Maria excitedly tells us about her country, Spain. I’ve been there once when I was 10 years old. I still remember the names of some roads and of course the historical buildings.

There’s no homework on History today which makes me a little bit disappointed. I love doing History and Maths. That’s why most of my friends called me a freak. Well, at least they don’t know who I really am.

Paola, Leah, Vanessa and I are having recess at the roof top. The roof top is the favourite place for us to eat our home-made lunch. Today, Aunt Ada serves 5 garlic bread sticks and porridge. As usual, we like to gossip about some guys but I usually be the good listener.

“Hey Alice, your boyfriend is on the field. He’s the pitcher today,” says Vanessa who is leaning to the rails.

I stand up and walk next to him. “He’s not my boyfriend, Vanes. How many times to I have to tell you this?” I put my hands on my hip.

“Aww, come on, Alice. We saw you so many times meeting with that baseball guy. The latest one is when he talked to you after school near the locker,” Leah put her arms around my shoulder.

“Even if we talk with each other it doesn’t mean that he’s my boyfriend. He’s just my childhood friend,” I state. But the girls are giggling and say that my childhood story is quite romantic. Geez.

I wait patiently for the last bell to ring. I really need to go to the mall with my friends. I have to get that thing! As I put the books in the locker, my cell phone rings. I look at the screen. It’s from Grandma Maegan.

“Hello Grandma,” I greet her.

“Hello, my dear Alice. Are you in the class?” she asks.

“No. The class is just dismissed,” I answer.

“Good. There’s something I need to tell you. The Silver family is having a hi-tea this evening and they are inviting you, Beatrice and Raina to join them. Your cousin, Dafne will be there too, I’m sure.”

Oh. My. God. A hi-tea. With the Silvers. Meaning that I can’t go to the mall. Which means I have to meet him. Again.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Circle Quartet: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I know I am not the only one who likes to pick my nose every time I wake up from sleep. Picking is not allowed in this big house but I’m in my room now where no one will ever know what I am doing right now. Anyway, picking is part of my morning habit.

I lazily walk to the mirror where I can see my ‘morning-wake-up’ face which is going to freak the others. My hair grows another two inches today and I can tell it even though my hair is worse than Medusa.

“Good morning, gorgeous,” I smiled as my voice croaked like a big green toad. Then I start to do the pinching activity; pinching the pimples. I hate pimples. They make my face looks rough and bumpy. There’s a new one today, right beside my nose and it’s quite big.

I pinch the pimple with my nail and yes, it really hurts. My eyes start to water but I still can bear with it. I accidentally pinch it hard as I am taken aback by a scream. I look at the clock at the wall. 7 o’clock; the perfect time for the wake-up call. The scream comes from the bath room of the east wing.

I yawn and take my towel and head to the east wing bathroom. It’s the bathroom for the girls while the west wing bathroom is for the boys. Our rooms are at the same level so it’s easy for us to do the wake-up call.

“Enough of the wake-up call scream, Raina. Everyone has already wakes up,” I say to my cousin, Raina who is still screaming in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

“Can you see I’m a little busy with this?” she yells while pointing to the big pink spot on her nose. “I can’t go to school like this! This is an aggravation! Why today?”

“Because it didn’t appear yesterday, Raina. That’s why it appears today. Now off to the shower room. I’m using the sink,” Raina’s sister, Beatrice shoves her away. Raina is still babbling about her new pimple.

“How about you do the pinching like I always did?” I glance at her, snickering. “See, I also has a new one right here,” I point to my new pimple.

“What? You want me to shake the whole house and make everybody turns deaf?” And of course, she nearly turns me deaf. I cover my ears with my hands, and so the others who are in the bathroom.

“I’m just giving you the advice, Raina,” I laugh with Beatrice.

“Hurry up, guys. We’re not going to let the boys dig up the breakfast first,” Raven appears from the shower room, ruffling her silky hair.

“Oh no, they won’t, Raven. Don’t worry. We’re not going to lose to them like last week,” says Beatrice and starts to brush her teeth.

After nearly an hour spending time in the bathroom, I quickly go to my room and wear my school uniform. We’re in the middle of autumn so the uniform is kind of thick. I grab my bag pack and run downstairs. I want to be the first one in the dining room today.

Great! No one is here yet. I trot to the dining room, humming my favourite song and suddenly I stop. Dad is there, sitting on the chair while reading the news in his laptop.

“Hey, good morning, little buddy. You’re early today,” Dad smiles and continues his reading. “Oh, he made it to the final round!”

I know he’s reading sport. And the ‘he’ he’s mentioned just now is Tiger Woods; his idol. My father loves golf very much and if he doesn’t have meeting in the weekend, he will play golf and drag me along.

“Good morning, Dad,” I take a seat next to him, “and where’s Mom?” I put the garlic bread on my plate.

“She’ll be here in a minute,” says Dad and takes a sip of his coffee.

Few minutes later, the dining is filled with chatters and laughter. My family is not the only one who is staying here. There are two more including my maternal Grandma. She usually eats breakfast earlier than the others and after that vanishes to her office. That’s why the kids like to create a ruckus during breakfast.

“Don’t forget to take your lunch boxes, children. I have prepared for you guys so better finish all the stuffs in there,” says Aunt Ada before we leave.

I take my lunch box in the kitchen where Aunt Ada arranges them nicely and grab my bag pack. “I’m going.”

“A moment, Alice.” says Dad. “There are special supplies for you which arrived yesterday. Perhaps you better drink your supply before you go to school.”

“I thought that they will arrive in the next two weeks. How come they arrived early?” I ask.

“I told you they are special. Come, to the basement. I know that you’ll like it,” Dad stands up and ushers me to the basement.

We usually store our supplies in the basement. And the best part of it, the supplies are for me and Dad. The others don’t drink our kind of drink. Dad switches on the lamp and I can see rows of supplies arrange neatly on the shelves. Each has name for the drinkers.

“Ah, here they are. Special delivery and double purify,” Dad takes the bottle and hands it to me.

The labels read:

Special for my sister, Alice. Hope you will like this. I purify it myself.

It’s from him, as I expected. Oh well, it doesn’t matter anyway. I open the cork and drink it.

“Wow, this is delicious!” I continue drinking the special supply. The taste is much better than the alcohol – according to Dad because I’m still underage. As the liquid flows down to my throat, I feel energetic. I gulp the whole bottle and lick my lip.

“This is the best blood I ever taste! Thanks, Dad,” I smile and wipe my mouth.

“Don’t thank me, little buddy. Say thanks to the one who deliver it. I’ll tell him later on. Now, off you go to school. You don’t want to be late, do you?” Dad winks and we leave the basement.

I hug my Dad before I go and run to the main door. I mount on my bicycle and off to school. Today is the most wonderful day because I have just taste the best blood in 17 years. As you can see, I’m a vampire.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

About The Author

Let me tell you a little bit of my blog. This is where I'll post my writings which I have planned months ago. This is the right time for me to improve my writings. Hope that you'll enjoy reading this blog.

Before I post my stories, here's a bit about myself :)

Pen Name: Wong Fei Long

Race: Still a human

Hobbies: Reading, Working Out, Listening to music,

Sleeping, Picking nose.

Fav. Food: Butter Spread Bread

Fav. Drink: Plain cold water

Fav. Colour: Black

Fav. Book: The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

Fav. Magazine: Solusi

Fav. Comic: Bleach

Fav. Author (English): Darren Shan

Fav. Author (Malay): Ramlee Awang Mursyid (the one and


Fav. Comic Artist: Kubo Tite

Fav. Drama TV: That's So Raven

Fav. Movie: The Game Plan

Fav. OVA: Bleach: Jigoku-en

Fav. Anime: Sacred Seven

Fav. Anime Character: Hisagi Shuuhei

Fav. Cartoon: Boboiboy

Fav. Video Game: Tekken

Fav. Video Game Character: Altair (Assassin Creed)

Fav. Song (English): Everywhere (Michelle Branch)

Fav. Song (Japanese): Kaze no Oka Ballad (OST Nodame)

Fav. Song (Malay): Hijau (Zainal Abidin)

Fav. Music: Symphony 40 in G minor (Mozart)

Fav. Music Instrument: Piano

There are some favourite stuffs that I would like to

mention. If you don't like to read, then don't. Haha!

Fav. Jeans: Giordano

Fav. Shirt: Baju Muslimah

Fav. Hijab: Akel

Fav. Shoes: Bata (same as the sandals)

Fav. Facial Set: Garnier

Fav. Shampoo: Sunsilk (the green one)

Fav. Deodorant: Tawas

Fav. Shower Cream: Lifebuoy

Fav. Toothpaste: Colgate

Fav. Toothbrush: Oral B

Fav. Perfume: The Body Shop

Fav. Compact Powder: Johnson & Johnson

Fav. Lotion: Vaselin

Fav. Pen: Stabilo

Fav. Crayon: Buncho

Fav. Colour Pencil: Luna

Fav. Car: VW Polo (I'm gonna get one in 10 years...haha!)

Fav. Person: ME!