Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Diary of Amethyst the Dragon Rider: 3

Chapter 3

[source by andreasrocha: deviantart]

Early Summer: Day 1
(There’s no exact date in this world. They use the number of days and the season, according to my brother, Turq)

This place is called Dew. And there are four parts of Dew; Jetty, Gate, Middle and End (Turq and Lode told me earlier). I am now in the Middle. This place is a mystery to me. It’s way beyond my imagination.

This place is surrounded by waterfalls and only certain people can enter this place – people with good heart. I can’t believe I have a good heart. Found out that the houses in the Middle are semi-sphere shape, which is weird.

And the weirdest part is meeting my family. My real family. I have a father, a mother – the loveliest being I ever seen, my big brother, Turq and a little brother, Topaz, who looks exactly like Turq. I can imagine how’s Turq like when he was small.

They are very happy to see me. My parents cried in tears of joy. We talk a lot that night – it was night time when I arrived here. My parents bombarded me with questions about my life in Earth. I told them every single thing! And I am glad that I’ve found a family like this.

Turq promised me to show me around Middle next day. He told me to have a rest. Topaz wanted to sleep with me because this is the first time he met his long lost sister. It’s good to have a brother like him. He’s super cute!