Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Adventure of Myrr and The Nightingales: 2

Chapter 2

One of her favourite things that she enjoyed in school is music lesson. During the music lesson, Myrr will give full attention and concentration on what her teacher taught in the class. She played flute as well as her friends, Lach and Struer. Her other friend, Hittan played guitar for he said that flute is for the girls. Boys don’t play the flute.

Music is one thing that can heal someone’s soul, that’s what Myrr’s teacher always stated in the class. Myrr loved music. She could listen to any melody without being distracted to her surroundings.

But today, her mind was rather cloudy although she tried to concentrate on the pitching part of her flute. Lucky for her, her teacher and her friends didn’t notice her slight change in the class. It’s about her dream that she had last night.


Myrr walked as she looked around the walls. Pictures scribbled in every corner. She realized that she’s now inside a building. A castle, perhaps. Before, she only dreamt that she’s in the forest. Her dream today was different.

She continued walking, looking at the scribbling. She didn’t know who scribbled on the wall but the drawings were very enchanting. She wished that she could draw like that too. Then, she saw someone was standing in front of her. It was the man whom she always met in her dream; her guardian.

He was facing the wall and Myrr gathered her courage to approach that man. She walked slowly but the man knew her presence. He turned around and smiled and gestured to her to stand by his side.

Myrr stood beside him and saw a huge tree. There’s a scribbled on the bark of the tree.  It’s a picture of a boy, wielding a sword to fight a dragon. Behind that boy stood a little girl wearing a crown on her head. She’s a princess, thought Myrr.

“This is the picture that I drew when I was a kid,” said that man.
“The Scribbling Tree,” Myrr gasped.
“You knew about this tree?” asked that man.
Myrr nodded. “There’s a lot of Scribbling Trees at the Slug Stream,” Myrr replied.
“Good then. If you want to meet me in your world, find this tree with this drawing. I’ll come to you,” said the man.

Before Myrr could ask him more, she heard somebody called her name.

Myrr was not satisfied about her dream. She wanted to ask more about the man but her brother woke her up and she needed to go to school. The music lesson was over and Myrr and her friends shuffled to the Main Classroom. She put the flute in the locker in the Music Class with her name on it. The music lesson will continue tomorrow.

Myrr learned everything about the being that exist in her world. To be a Nightingale, one must know how to fight or how to heal. There are 7 Squadron that one can choose to be when he or she was nominated as the Nightingale. Myrr’s brother, Esclice was one of the Nightingales who had been chosen to the Elite Squadron. Her brother could fight well and for her, her brother was the strongest among the strongest. He performed well in his task although sometimes Myrr had to stay alone in her house.

Today, she learned about the Nightingales enemies. One of them was the Ghoul. Ghouls were lifeless dark creature that eats the Nightingales’ souls to attain immortal life. Ghouls could attack anytime; day or night, but easily being destroyed. But ghouls that eat too many souls will turn into the Phantom. Phantoms had their own body and looked like Nightingales but they had black eyes. Phantoms were dangerous because they used their own weapons. Some called the Phantom as the Fallen Nightingale.

Myrr and her classmates had not been given the weapon yet. They needed to pass the Weapon Art tests to gain a weapon. If they didn’t to be the Fighter, they could be the Healer and they needed to pass Healing tests to be a healer and further their knowledge to the Healing Squadron. Myrr didn’t like healing because she wanted to be like Esclice. She always practiced sword fighting with her brother every evening if Esclice was not busy. Sometimes, she practiced with her uncle.

She could remember all the enemies’ pictures and their characteristics for she had a good memory. She had passed a lot of written tests and quizzes and her teacher realized that Myrr got quite a good talent. She worked hard together with her friends for they wanted to be one of the greatest Nightingales.

Esclice brought Myrr to the field in Slug Stream because he didn’t have anything to do this evening. Myrr told him that she wanted to practice her flute. Myrr always practice her flute in the evening if she didn’t want to practice her sword art. She loved to go to the Slug Stream because the fields were green and very calmed. Her late father often brought her and Esclice here.

Esclice also brought his girlfriend, Pelle to join him and Myrr. Myrr liked Pelle. She’s beautiful and charming. She loved Myrr too since Myrr was small. Myrr always asked Esclice when he will get married with Pelle. Esclice just chuckled and told her the time will come. Myrr always want to have a big sister.

She played to flute and the melody spread to the whole field. Esclice and Pelle loved to hear the melody that came from Myrr’s flute. After nearly an hour, Myrr stopped playing and asked Esclice’s permission to go around the field. She promised not to go very far. She went to the shady trees nearby and those trees were Scribbling Trees. She liked to scribble anything to those trees.

As she was scribbling her picture with Esclice and Pelle in a wedding ceremony, she spotted one picture that she had seen before. She went to the tree and gasped. It was the picture of a boy who wielded a sword to a dragon and behind him stood a girl who wore a crown. It was as same as the picture she saw in her dream! Then she remembered the man in her dream told her.

She touched the drawing and suddenly the bushes nearby rustled. She nearly jumped and looked at the rustling bushes. Out of the blue, three Ghouls appeared in front of her. She screamed in fright. Esclice and Pelle heard her scream and scrambled to where she’s been. The Ghouls chased Myrr and one of them caught her feet. Myrr stumbled to the ground. Then, she saw a leech twinkled near her and caught it. In Slug Stream there were a lot of twinkling leeches and these leeches were magical. They could be used in medical class and they could also be poisonous.

The one that Myrr caught was poisonous. She twisted her body and threw the leech right into the Ghoul’s face. The Ghoul howled and she was free. As she tried to get up, another Ghoul appeared. She couldn’t do anything but screamed. Esclice and Pelle arrived and before both of them took action, another person appeared and hit the Ghoul. Then he killed another Ghoul with his bare hand.

Pelle helped Myrr to stand. Esclice came to her and asked her whether she’s hurt somewhere. But the three of them were shocked as the man turned to them. His hair was long and rebellious and his clothes were torn. He had a weird, glowing mark on his forehead. Myrr recognised who he was and before she could ask him, he fainted and fell to the ground.  

Friday, 10 May 2013

The Adventure of Myrr and The Nightingales

Chapter 1

“It’s perfect!”

Myrr raised the drawing. She was drawing the picture for 5 days. She stared at the picture, feeling satisfied of her great work. Myrr loved drawing and she could draw almost everything. She kept all her drawings in one box and she loved all her drawings. But this picture was very special from other drawings that she drew since she was small. This picture had its own meaning.

She put it on the table and searched for a suitable frame. She opened her cupboard and found one frame that she had kept for this special picture. She gently put her precious picture in the frame and put it on her study table.

She couldn’t help staring at her new, special drawing. She finally drew the picture of a man whom she met in her dream. A man with a scarlet hair. His face was still vivid and his voice was still shrouding inside her mind. She was sure that she will meet this man one day. Because this man had promised her something. And she will wait for the moment.

“Myrr, lunch is ready!”

She heard her brother, Esclice was calling for her. She went outside of her room and shuffled downstairs.

She only lived with her brother in this small house since their parents died. Her mother died when she gave birth to her. Her father died two years ago in a war. And now, her brother was the one who took care of her. She knew Esclice worked hard to earn their living and that’s why she promised herself to study hard and made her brother proud of her.

She sat on the table as her brother had served the food. Then, someone knocked on the door. Esclice asked her to get the door for he invited his best friend to come over. Myrr rushed to the door and opened it.

“Hello, Myrr! It’s been a while!” A girl with short ink-blue hair stood in front of door and hugged Myrr.
Myrr hugged her back excitedly. “Reles! I miss you!”
“And I miss you too, my sweet little Myrr!”
“Oh, please come in. Esclice cooked something special for us today,” Myrr ushered Reles to the dining room where Esclicle was waiting for them.

Esclice greeted her and asked about her duty. Reles was on duty for one week and that’s why he invited her for lunch. They have been a good friend since they were 4. And a year after that, Reles introduced him to her good friend and they fell in love with each other when they turned 16.

Esclice’s special person was on duty and he’s been longing to meet her for he was in other squadron. Myrr and Reles had a quite chat. Myrr had been offered to join the School of Nightingales as she passed her test with good result. Esclice was proud of her and always encouraged her to do her best.

Myrr shared her story about her dream with Esclice. Her brother was the person whom she can share anything with. Esclice listened to her story until the end.

“So, what do you think, Esclice?” asked Myrr as she ended her story.
“Hmm...I don’t know, Myrr,” he patted her head gently. “To have the same dream for more than one week is really something.”
Myrr stared at her brother. “It’s crazy, isn’t it?”
Esclice sighed. “Maybe we should consult to someone who knows about interpreting dreams.”

Then, Esclice remembered the Healing Squadron. Those who were chosen to the Healing Squadron has specialty in determining diseases as well as interpreting dreams besides being a doctor. And he knew that person could help Myrr to find the answer.

Esclice and Myrr were waiting at the guest lounge. Esclice’s girlfriend was on duty and he didn’t want to bother her with her work. Then, a tall, slender woman with orchid-pink braided hair greeted them. Esclice and Myrr bowed slightly for she was the Head of the Healing Squadron.

She invited them to her office and Myrr told her story. This was the first time she told someone about her dreams besides Esclice. She listened patiently to every single details from Myrr’s story.

“So, what do you think, Miss Heilen?” asked Esclice.
“Well, she’s been seeing this dream for more than a week. And I think it’s not just a dream. It’s a sign,” answered Heilen in a quite serious tone.

Myrr and Esclice exchanged glance with each other. They knew that the sign has its own secret to be revealed.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Adventure of Myrr and The Nightingales


She walked through the forest and it was dark. No sound was heard except her own footsteps. The ground crunched as she stepped on the dried leaves and sticks. Her feet didn’t seem to be hurt as she was barefooted. She stopped as she heard something from her right. Another footstep. And it became closer and closer.

She clutched her light blue pyjama; she always did that when she’s scared. Her feet became numb as she saw a shadow approaching. A big monster was shrouding inside her mind. She was sweating hard. She wanted to call for help but her voice won’t come out. She’s now in a grave danger!

The shadow crept slowly towards her like an evil lurked in the shadow. She tried to close her eyes when suddenly the shadow called her name. She gasped and looked up to that shadow. It wasn’t a monster, instead it was a man. A tall man with scarlet hair. He was half naked with weird marks on both of his arms. He wore red necklace; the necklace had three fangs on the front.

He squatted with one knee and slightly bowed to her. She was utterly shocked. That man gave out his hand for her to hold it. She held his hand hesitatingly but alas she felt calm as the man smiled and squeezed her hand a little.

“From now on, I shall be your guardian.”