Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Man In Black Tie

The Man In Black Tie

Chapter 1

I hated my new house. Seriously hated it. I didn't like the rooms, the kitchen, everything, even the look of the house itself. Why did I have to live here, instead of the countryside? I told my Dad thousand times but he didn't say anything but took me with him here. In this horrible place.

The house was small, and too close to each other. I could even hear the clink-clank of the kitchen utensils just beside our wall in the living room. And the noise, it was terrible. I couldn't sleep much here because of the sound of vehicles. 

I really missed my old home!

I demanded from Dad about the bookshelf but he said he's working on it. It's been a week and there's still no sign of the bookshelf, let alone the book itself. I think I should learn on ergonomics, or maybe not. I'm not good in designing the furniture.

I have bought some of my favourite books but I've read them all for hundred times. I need new books to read. My fingers were ached to touch the pages of the book, I was longing for the smell of the printed papers!

I went out from the house, the sun was shining brightly today. My mission is to find a bookstore. You see, I was kind of new here and Dad said that I shouldn't go anywhere far. He gave me some pocket money everyday, even though I am not a little girl anymore. I've just graduated and tried to find a job. I knew Dad wouldn't agree because he said it's not worth it. He said that money wouldn't be a problem. But I didn't want his money. 

I went to the Flower Cafe, again, since I didn't know where to go or what to do. There were a lot of people there and they seemed don't mind me spending half of my day there, not even the manager of the cafe.

Today the street was extraordinarily busy. On the side walk, I saw some people gathered around the bus stop, waiting for a bus. Most of them wore business suit. There were few school students coming down from the bus, giggling and happily chatting with their friends. 

I really missed my old friends! 

I took a sip of the coffee that I've ordered earlier. Still, I haven't asked any of the waiters about the bookstore. Maybe I was occupied with the new surrounding although I didn't like it much. Then my eyes caught something that sparked my interest.

I saw this man, standing at the bus stop, ignoring the people around him. He had his briefcase on his left and a book on his right. And he was reading a book! It's a small book, I could see it clearly from the window. 

Then it made my heart leaped in joy. There might be a bookstore or a library around here, somewhere, I stared at that man again. He was kind of good looking with spiky hair - well not too spiky, actually. I rarely saw a man who likes reading. Most men looked up to sports stars, or cars. Dad also didn't like reading except for newspapers, of course!

But this man was different. When I looked at him, he's not that old, maybe 20 something as he got a good look. I drank the last drop of my coffee and waved to the waitress.

"Is there any book shop or a library around here, miss?" I asked as I paid the coffee.

"Yes, there is a library. Just a small one. It's two block from here," said the waitress, pointed out the way to go there.

I smiled widely and thanked her. I even gave her an extra tip. I went outside the cafe and looked around. The bus just arrived at the other side of the road. I saw the man closed his book with a snap and put the book inside his pocket.

Our gaze met and he flashed a small smile at me before getting on the bus.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

HashtagMeme: 5 favourite places

I've been to so many places in 31 years of living on this planet. And there are some places that I love most - houses, rent houses, hostels and hotels. But these places only exist in Malaysia even though I've been to another countries before.

1. Kampung Sura Tengah

I had stayed here since 1991 (or 1992, can't remember the exact year). It was the first house, built on our own land (my parents bought the lot). It was a small single-storey house and finally it turned to double-storey bungalow. I really love living here because it is situated in the fishermen village, far away from the town. It's near the beach. My mom loves gardening and the house compound was full with flowers and trees. We moved out from the house in 2010 since my father has retired and wanted to go back to his hometown, Kelantan. I really miss this place and this house.

2. Taman Sari

I'm now living with my Ummi (mother-in-law) and I like staying here. It's like living in Sura Tengah but there's no beach. But I don't mind as long as it's far from the city (not very far actually but still can smell the fresh air and kampong-like style). It's a semi-D house and it's very comfortable. And there's small garden too!

3. Kampung Gua Salor

This is my kampong....oppss sorry, was, since my aunt doesn't live there anymore. Well, I've lots of memories (sweet and bitter and whatsoever) here with my cousins whom like my own family. Every time there's school holiday, this was the place where I loved to hangout with my gangs. Haha! It's beside the green paddy-field and yeah, we've done a lot of fishing and battling with slugs and leeches.

4. No. 62 house

Aha! This was the loveliest rent house I've ever been! I've meet the most funniest, the most loyal friends or I should call them sisters or best buddies ever! After we've been living in MAKCIK JAHAT's house. we lived here for almost 3 years (2 and half for me since I'm the most senior). Even thought the house is small and we have to battle with the big rats, but it's comfortable for us. There are 2 big rooms and sometimes we loved to loiter in the living room, playing computer games or watch movies.

5. Taman Desa Telipot

This is our new settlement after living in Kampung Sura Tengah for almost 26 years. It's a residential house, double-storey but two times smaller than our house back then. Abah bought this house when I was small (or still a baby) but he had to work in Dungun. The family who rented our house had moved out and the house has been renovated. Since I'm staying with my Ummi with little Muhammad, I can say that this is Muhammad's kampong. Haha!

Sunday, 4 October 2015


The haze is getting worse in Besut. I couldn't barely see the buildings when I was at the top of the Tok Bali's bridge this morning. I thought it was a fog at first. Then I realize the haze has arrived to the eastern side of the Peninsula.

Most of my students complained that they are having sore throat and cough. Heard from the news this afternoon saying that all school must close due to haze for two days, starting tomorrow (except for Kelantan, Labuan, Sabah and Sarawak)

But MRSM will still be operated as usual because of the PT3 exam (pffft!) THis is so unfair! We are not breathing with bionic lungs here...HELLO! Why these people are trying to torture us teachers and students. Give us a break, will ya!

Thank God that the meeting was short (it's nearly one hour and hey, the Pricipal broke the record!) and I can go back home early. The haze started to spread in KB this evening and I couldn't see the Billion Mall building well.

The mask will be supplied tomorrow and I wanted the N95, not the lame one!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Weekend #1

I thought that I can finish my work this weekend but no, I was wrong. I brought the hard copy of my analysis from school and saved the document into my pen drive, thinking that I was able to do them at night after little Muhammad went to bed (he always goes to bed early), but I couldn't because of so many distractions. 

I hate distractions! Seriously,
Let me tell you a little bit of what happened during the weekend


I have extra class with the form 3 students. The exams are around the corner and yes they need the physical and spiritual plus emotional support from the teachers. I was kind of frustrated because two boys didn't show up until the end of the class. I know one of them is not even care of the teachers' feeling because he thinks that he's born genius. 


Another boy is always missing because I know him well. I have been teaching this particular boy for 3 years now and he loves to make himself over-sleep. I might want to see him this Sunday and have a teacher-and-student talk until he cry himself out loud! 

Enough with the students, anyway.

After Jumaat prayer, my parents, little Muhammad and I went to the Billion Mall. I bought few pairs of Muhammad shirts and pants since he grows a lot these few months. Then we went to the grocery sections, buying all the stuff that we need to make some stocks.

Nothing much happen on this day. I went to sleep early because I was sooooooo tired, even little Muhammad hit the sack earlier than I thought.


Muhammad woke up at 2 am, and I realized that he got stomachache (but he didn't cry at all even though I knew that he got a stomach problem that night). I need to change his diaper since he messed up half of the futon (we sleep on the futon since I forbid ourselves to sleep on the bed) with his poops. I brought him to the toilet (thank God that I have my own toilet in my room), cleaned him up cleaned the mess.

We changed the futon and continued sleeping at 3. I thought that he will get up late but no, he woke up at 6 (he usually wakes up around 5) and demanded me to wake up too (I'm having my period so no prayer time for me...hehe). 

We went to Tesco this morning and I promised my cousin to meet her and her daughters there since we're on our way there. We had a little discussion at the food court on the English paper. 

Little Muhammad and I slept 4 hours today because we're totally tired (he played with the vacuum cleaner in that whole morning while I needed to keep an eye on him). 

I have school tomorrow and thankfully he understands and went to bed early. 

So that's a little bit of event of my weekend. I need to continue my work at school tomorrow.....

Monday, 28 September 2015

Sunday: 13 Zulhijjah 1436

It's the first day of school after we're having a nice 10-day break plus Eid Adha. Everyone was still in holiday mood. Especially those who are not sitting for the big exams.

I arrived late at school due to lots of cars on the road. It's hard to overtook the cars in front of me. But still managed to arrive before 8.

And we have an assembly with the new Principal. I know everyone hate assembly especially in the evening where we (the teachers) need to go home and rest. But it's only twice a month so I consider it as OK.

I have to go through the storm on my way back home. I never drive 60km/h and it's like very tiring day for me. It's raining cats and dogs and I couldn't see the view clearly. I think I need to change the wipers. I can't even see a thing! But I managed to overtook a lorry (and I'm risking myself) and phew! it's better than crawling behind it.

Safely arrived home at 6.45. Muhammad was waiting for me in the living room with his Atok. He's already took his shower and tried to tell me about the heavy rain in his own language. I somehow can understand a little bit. Haha!

We went to bed earlier than usual. He knew that I was tired and he didn't want to burden me with his daily activities (making a mess and throwing his books on the floor just for fun).

Thank you, Muhammad! Mmuuaahss!!

I read the fifth book of Princess Diaries: Princess in Pink. Now enjoying the Princess Diaries. Very funny book even though sometimes I think Mia can be a little bit annoying.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

notes from the author (who generally ignore this blog until she realizes that she has to have only one blog to manage)

I know it's been ages since I haven't write anything here.

And suddenly I come up with a very long post title. Because I need to tell myself that I don't have to be too rigid. I used to have one blog. This blog.

Reason: to write anything that I want.

But then, I thought that I should use this blog to write stories. English stories to begin with. And I created another blog for my Malay stories. Then, I thought it should be okay if I create one more blog for my journal.

But I was wrong. I couldn't manage three blogs. I start to ignore them one by one because of laziness. Yeah, lazy is the most suitable word to describe for the current state. I have a lot of things to settle (classes, meetings and exams)

Last night, I was thinking of letting go one of my blog. The journal. I can write anything here. No one will get mad or anything if I don't post my stories. No one will ever bother with what kind of things that I write. I don't even care what kind of comments they will write in the comment box.

The thought of flourishing the blog for having three of them is totally wrong. They're not even flourish. Haha!

So, I decided to let the other blog go. I should stick to one (or two).

Maybe I should write a diary or something...hehe.

Happy Eid Mubarak!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Diary of Amethyst, The Dragon Rider: 4

Chapter 4

Early Summer: Day 2

[credit by Naviretlav: Deviantart] 

It’s hard to swallow that I’m a princess. Me? A PRINCESS!? It’s like a wish comes true. Well, I once wanted to be a princess when all of my family members – my previous family members, actually, ignored me.

Dad told me this morning after breakfast. He said that I need to know the truth. He wanted to tell me last night but he wanted to surprise me, waiting for the right time.

I met people in the Middle. They are only 30 people. Some of them are still travelling, seeking adventures and spying on the bad guys. I met my friends and they were happy to see me. I realized that they are the ones I met in my dreams. And I remembered their names!

We chatted and chatted until lunch. We had lunch together under the sun. Even though it’s summer but it’s not too hot. The weather is fine. Since day is longer than night (it’s summer, obviously), the girls were curious whether I still remember the boy whom used to be my mutual enemy. I met one this morning. His name is Pyrite and he’s very annoying, especially when he told me that he can do magic greater than I am. He laughed at me when I still can’t remember a lot of things and he made me wanted to whack his head!

Then Dad told me about the Dragon Pearls when we hang around the house in the evening.

You see, I’m the Lomss clan princess and I was born as a dragon rider. The Dragon Pearls, on the other hands, are the symbol of the birth of the dragon riders. Dad and his brothers have each – the pearls nearly aged more than 400 years according to the shape and colours. Dad showed me the Dragon Pearl that he kept at home. It’s a size of a tennis ball but I can feel that it had its own power.

I asked about my Dragon Pearl but Dad said that I need to be a dragon rider first, and then the pearl will appear. Some need to be searched because they were scattered everywhere. But only the dragon rider can find it.

Aunt Lithium came by. She has short wavy hair and for me, she’s like an actress. She’s my mother’s good friend and Dad told me that she’s an expert in carving. She also knew more about ancient history. She said that I need to learn the Lomss language and she’ll be teaching me during weekend. I can’t wait for language lesson!

I need to sleep early because tomorrow is my first day of training.