Friday, 5 December 2014

The Diary of Amethyst The Dragon Rider: 1

21 February 2010

I have the same dream just like last night and the other nights since last week. And this time it’s 88.5 percent vivid. I can recall the flying scene and a woman giving a beautiful necklace to me. It’s like an amulet. I think it’s an amulet, by the way. It is light purple and I think I’ve seen it somewhere a long time ago.

Dad is on rage on the telephone again. Mom asks him and he says that the stupid PA of him forgot to tell him about the important meeting this morning. So, he’s late and rushes to the car. He mumbles something but I cannot hear it clearly. He must be swearing some swearing words. He always swears when he’s mad.

I’m thinking of going to the library during recess when I reach school but I need to sit in for the class meeting with the Principal. I don’t know why I have to go but I can’t say no to Clara because she’s the class president and she has another meeting with her club. She likes to pick up on me ever since she’s been nominated as the class president. No one wants the boys to be the president because they are dead stupid (that’s what Clara told us). She’s bossy and some of the boys are very annoyed of her.

The meeting was short – thank God! But I didn't manage to go to the library. Damn! Have to go there tomorrow then. Mom is not at home so as my eldest sister and youngest brother. I think they are off somewhere, maybe at their friends’ house. Mom is ridiculously busy nowadays because she’s planning something for next month with her group of friends. I don’t want to know what the plan is anyway.

My eyes nearly pop out as I enter the room. There’s the amulet in my dream on my table. I rub my eyes few times – maybe I’m having a hallucination, but the amulet is there. Right there, on the table. I look around and take the amulet, wear it and take a look at myself at the mirror. It’s pretty and it’s fit me.

I like this necklace. I hope that it can do magic.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Note from the owner

It's been ages since I updated my last post here. I know most of my blog friends are wondering why I haven't posted anything for nearly a year. I've been busy with my daily work and I have a new job; a mother.

Yes, I am now a mother of a little tyke called Baby Muhammad. Being a mother is super cool and amazing. But there are challenges; some of them great, some of them brings me down a little bit. But that doesn't I quit writing stories.

I write a lot but never have time to post in this blog. I saved them in my laptop, so some editing when I have free time and write more when the baby is fast asleep (like right now!)

I'm trying my best to keep this blog alive again. Filled this blog with interesting stories. I tried once to write a funny story but failed. I realized that I'm more to fantasy and magic.

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting for the stories to pop out in my blog. And I'm sorry for not visiting some of your blogs too.

Best wishes,

Friday, 3 October 2014

After Dark

I looked into the mirror and gasped. There! The most horrifying thing I could ever imagine! It’s right under the nose. The spot! I never thought it would appear there of all the places. I hate spots! It ruined my handsome-looking face. I’ve got once when I was 13. It was under the chin. Now, it appeared again. I’ve got to get rid of it!

The spot had ruined my mood to school. It was my second week here since I’ve moved with my parents. I used to live in the peaceful countryside where you can see the green leaves waved at you and the smell of fresh air. Dad had to move to the city and here I am, living in the 7th floor of a condominium. I hate living in the city as I hate my spot. I think I got this spot because of polluted air.

I sighed and combed my hair. Mom banged on my door as I picked up my bag. I was already late and my classmate, Faisal was waiting for me at the front door. He lived on the 8th floor and very friendly. He loves cats and have about 12 of them. I never thought a guy like him is a cat lover. He always brought cat food inside his pocket to feed the stray cats whenever he met them. Everyone said that he’s generous. Well, I think he’s wasting his money on cat food. Stray cats can find food on their own.

We have PE for our first period. I played badminton because it’s my favourite sport. Next to the badminton court is the takraw court. I could hear the PE teacher was nagging about the lost. Our takraw team was lost in semi-finals. It’s a shame, according to the PE teacher and they needed to fight back no matter what. Thank God I didn’t join any tournament or I’ll end up just like them. I just play for fun.

The changing room was a little bit hectic with a smell of sweat – like a dead rodent! As I was changing to my school uniform, I heard a few boys were talking about Sticky Man, a ghoul that loved to climb up the building wall and stalk anyone through the window. This Sticky Man only appeared in certain nights. One of the boys said that he saw the Sticky Man but lucky for him it didn’t stalk his house that night.

The story continued in the class where the girls were chattering about Sticky Man. I told Faisal I never believed in ghost stories because I knew it’s just a plain lie. Faisal is kind of obsessed with ghost stories and sometimes he even dared himself to go to a creepy place just wanted to see a glimpse of ghost. Some of the girls thought that it’s a dead brave thing to do. But I think it’s a dead stupid.

After school, Faisal invited me to his friend’s house nearby school to play video game. I refused to go at first because if my Mom knew, I’ll be in deep water. Mom is the most strict person I ever met and I didn’t want her to box my ear (she’s done that to me few years ago because I came back late from the field). But Faisal promised me that we’ll go back before 5. So I agreed with him.

We played Prince of Persia – I just watched, didn’t have gut to touch the controller. Then I realized that it’s getting late. I told Faisal that I needed to go back home immediately. He understood and we rushed back home. I was lucky because Mom went out to the grocery store – she left the note in the living room. I took a shower and ate any food that was available in the fridge.

The sun was getting down and it was a beautiful scene to look at. It reminded me of my old home. I really missed my old hometown. I stood near the window of my room and sighed. Mom came back as I could hear her footstep. As I was closing the window, I saw something at the building that was two block away from mine – a black figure, climbing up the wall. I couldn’t see it clearly as it was getting dark.

After dinner, I took out my telescope from the cupboard to watch the stars. The sky was clear tonight and I love stare gazing. But I couldn’t see much because of the bright light from the building and street lamps. Then, something caught my eyes. I saw a black figure at the same building, climbing up the wall. I zoomed my telescope and saw his face. That thing had a round white circle on its face. I gasped as the thing turned at me. I quickly closed the curtains and put away the telescope.

After that incident, I didn’t dare to open the curtains, let alone taking a peep through because the Sticky Man was stalking me at the window every single night.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rina And Rizal: 1

Rina and Rizal

Chapter 1

Mr. Hidayat hums merrily while putting a file on our desks. No one dare touching the file yet. I stare at the blue file in front of me. I wonder what kind of assignment that Mr. Hidayat assigns this time. He trots quickly to the front after he finishes distributing those files. He claps his hand once.

This is it. The moment of truth. Everyone can’t wait to know what’s inside the file.

“You may now open your file,” he smiles cheerfully.

I gulp and open the file slowly. I know the meaning behind his cheerful smile. A killer. My eyes nearly pop out as I see what’s written on the front page. 100 Questions. Everyone gasp in horror. Mr. Hidayat snickers.

“This is your homework for this weekend. You must hand in to me on Sunday before the first bell rings,” announces Mr. Hidayat.

Everyone groan in frustration. Well, not everyone. But most of us do. I think the end of the world’s coming. How can I finish these questions in two days?

“Those who hand in late will be punished as usual,” says Mr. Hidayat in a warning tone but the smile never fades from his face.

The last bell rings. Mr. Hidayat wishes us a happy weekend before he leaves. I put the file in my bag, still thinking of how to finish this assignment before Sunday. I have acrobat practice tomorrow and I never ever miss the practice before.


Someone calls me and I turn around. It’s my twin brother, Rizal.

“What?” I ask coldly.

“It’s your turn to send the attendance booklet to the office,” reminds him.

I look up at the duty roaster on the notice board and sigh. I take the booklet and ready to go to the office.

“Don’t worry, Rina. I’ll go with you,” says Rizal and helps me carry my books.

We go downstairs where the office is. I knock on the door and give salaam before entering. We have to take off our shoes before entering the office. The office looks neat and tidy. The staffs are all friendly and some of them greet me as I walk to the pigeon hole for the booklet.

The Principal room is at the end of the office. That’s the scariest place in this school. It really gives us goosebumps, and our class is just right above his room. He’s a very nice man even though he’s very strict. I shouldn’t stare at the thick wooden door for too long. The Principal might came out and saw me and probably will call me to his room. So, I hurry to the door where I come in and quickly put on my shoes. Rizal is waiting for me outside, holding on to my bag on his other shoulder.

“I’m done. Let’s go!” I grab my bag from his shoulder and run downstairs.

I need some plans. I can’t just sit down and start doing it immediately. This is serious matter. I tap a pen to my head as I’m thinking of the plans.

Plan A: I can go to the library. The library is not very far and there are a lot of reference books that I can refer to. It’ll make it easier to finish half of the questions, at least.

Plan B: I don’t have to waste my time cycling to the library. I just lock myself in my room and try to finish at least half of the questions. Plus, I can eat some snacks while doing it. It can prevent me from getting sleepy.

Plan C: I will join Rizal and his group in his room even though I don’t like doing Maths with him much because he’s good and I’m not.

Plan D: I can –

“Rina!” Rizal knocks on the door. He won’t dare entering my room before I tell him to.

I walk lazily to the door and open it. “What?” I stare coldly at him.

“Want to go to the library together? All of us are going there,” he asks.

I don’t have to think long. I nod and tell him to wait for 5 minutes. I change my t-shirt to a dress and jeans and stuff everything that I need into the bag. Before leaving, I look at the mirror for the last time to check on my tudung. Then we dash off to the library.

It takes only 15 minutes of cycling to the library and we park our bikes at the bicycle parking lot provided. I follow Rizal from behind as we enter the library. Most of our classmates are already here and they are happy to see us. Rizal is one of the Maths Elite – that’s what we call for our mentors. I’m not as the same group as his because I end up being one of the mentees of Khairul’s group. It’s Mr. Hidayat’s fault, actually. He knows that I hate Khairul and he made me end up in his group.

We wait for the others to arrive and we – excluding me, decide to sit on our mentor’s group. So, here I am, sitting exactly in front of Khairul. He’s my mutual enemy ever since I know him. He always makes fun of me every time we meet especially in Maths class. I don’t like Maths as much as I like English. I don’t go much with numbers. They make my head dizzy. I have to memorize all the formulas and sometimes I was careless in using the correct formula. Khairul always says that my brain is full of words and sentences and that’s why numbers cannot get in. I know what he means; I’m a Maths dumb.

Khairul explains to each of us starting from question number one. The first 20 questions are easy as a pie, even though I never bake a pie but I know it’s easy to bake a pie. When it comes to Algebra, my brain begins to malfunction. Why? Because Algebra consists of letters and numbers which makes me difficult to distinguish them. I start to feel sleepy. Khairul pokes my hand with his mechanical pencil as he sees me falling to sleep. He can’t bang the table as he always dos in the class because this is library. I wish he did because I want him to be kicked out by the librarian.

Two hours passes by and still I can’t even finish the first question of Algebra. I give up! I stand up, grab my stuff and leave my group. I have to go home because in 30 minutes, my favourite drama will be on TV. I cycle back home as fast as I can even though it’s not very far. When I reach home, I am not surprise to see a police car parked outside of the gate. I put my bike near the garage and head to the kitchen door.

“Hi, Pak Su,” I greet him with the widest smile.

“Well hello there, Rina,” he beams. “Where have you been?”

“The library. We’re doing Maths assignment and it’s killing me!” I reply and sit next to him.

“She hates Maths, Ali. The only thing that she loves is doing a monkey bar,” says Papa, my beloved father. Pak Usu laughs.

I open the fridge and see what’s inside. Then, I grab a milk carton. “Papa, we’re run out of milk.”

“Why don’t you buy the groceries with Pak Usu? Here’s the list that your Mama gave to me this morning. I need to finish up my work by this evening,” Papa hands me the shopping list.

“But Papa, my favourite drama will start in 15 minutes!”

“I’ll record it for you, honey. You can watch your favourite drama tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? Why not tonight?”

“Because my favourite show is on TV tonight and I’m not going to miss it. Now, hurry up and go.”

I sigh and roll my eyes. Pak Usu chuckles. We go to the grocery store nearby. Everyone stare at us, especially me because they think I’m some kind of criminal. Pak Usu is wearing his uniform and I’m riding a police car. I wish I could poke their eyes from the socket for staring at me like that.

As Papa promise, he records the drama for me. Pak Usu drops me and drives to his house which is two blocks away. Pak Usu is Papa’s youngest brother. He always stops by our house if he’s not busy.

I put the groceries away and Amran, my youngest brother helps me as comes back from Pak Usu’s house. He always does homework with Malek, our cousin. They’re in the same class.

After taking a shower, I switch on my PC and check my email. I receive an email from my mysterious pen-pal. I call him/her mysterious because I don’t know the exact gender. But my pen-pal is a very nice person and I wish that she’s a girl. We share a lot of things together since I was 13. We made acquaintance when I joined Kampung chatroom and we exchanged email.

Hello Crunchy!

Guess what happen to me today? I got Maths assignment and there are 100 questions to be done in two days. Two days! I think I’m going to die! The Maths teacher, Mr. Hidayat, the one I told you about his generosity, said that he will punish us if we hand in the assignment after the first bell rings.

I went to the library with Rizal after school and I have to sit with my mentor, Khairul. He pokes me hundred times with his mechanical pencil as I was feeling drowsy. You know I can’t stand too much numbers. He couldn’t nag too much today because we’re in the library. The librarian is very strict. Once she caught you talking loudly, she will kick you out. Oh, the librarian is an old woman with strength of 10 men. Seriously.

Then I have to buy some groceries and missed today’s episode. Lucky me, Papa recorded it but I can’t watch it tonight because Papa’s favourite show is on TV. He and Mama love Maharaja Lawak so much. Their laughter can be heard in this whole residential area! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

So, how’s your day today? Any interesting things happen? Share with me, all of it. Have to stop here now. Need to continue the Maths work.

Your best pen-pal


Saturday, 19 April 2014

My Little Sister: 1

My Little Sister

I could not sleep throughout the night because there’s no electricity. I was tossing and turning on my bed. I couldn’t sleep without the fan on. I got up. My body was drenching in sweat. Curse the electricity blackout! I took off my shirt and threw it on the floor. This is torturing me! Why tonight? I walked to the window and opened it a little bit. Small breeze of wind puffed inside. I tried to peep outside but I couldn’t see anything. It was pitch black. I assumed that the whole city was blackout.

I kept my window opened so the cool, night breeze blew inside my tropically hot room. I looked at my alarm clock. It was 2 in the morning. Luckily there were no mosquitoes tonight so I guess I could to stay awake for this whole night. I hate mosquitoes! Suddenly, I heard a soft knock on my door. I knew who it was. I grumbled and opened the door as the knocking repeated continuously.

It’s my little sister. She was holding a light brown teddy bear. She looked up at me with her teary eyes and I knew that she was scared.

“I can’t sleep. It’s too dark and I’m scared,” she said timidly.

“Then go to your mom’s bedroom,” I stared at her coldly.

“It’s too far,” she replied in a wobbly voice.

I sighed heavily and asked to come in. She slowly walked inside my room and stood at the end of my bed. I told her she could climb up to my bed and she did. She’s not my real sister to begin with. She’s my step-sister. My father re-married after Mom had passed away 8 years ago. He discussed with me about his new girlfriend and I agreed after two months begging me to accept the new family.

I was a little bit surprised to have a little sister who was way younger than me. I am 17 and she’s 7. My father told her to sleep in a room next to mine. If there’s anything happened, I can protect her. It’s not that I hate her but she’s a bothersome to me. Maybe because I never had any other siblings before so that’s why I feel that way. We seldom talk even though we have been living together almost a year. My step-mother tried her best to get close to me but I think I still need time.

I felt my throat dry. I need to go to the kitchen to get a drink. I grabbed my cell phone but the battery was low. I searched for the torchlight in my drawers but to no avail. I slammed on the drawers and muttered a curse under my breath. My step-sister was taken aback by my action just now and she clutched her teddy bear tightly. She might think I was mad at her.

“I’m going to the kitchen. You stay here for a while,” I told her.

She suddenly got off from bed and tugged my hand. “Please don’t leave me alone. I’m scared.” She looked like she wanted to cry.

Oh, I hate this kind of situation!

I opened the door slowly and looked around. My step-sister followed me from behind as I tip-toed to the stairs. I needed to be careful since it was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything. I climbed down the stairs carefully, holding to my step-sister little hand. I nearly fell down the stairs as they were slippery.

We reached the kitchen safely and I grabbed a lemon juice in the fridge. I asked my step-sister if she needed a drink but she just shook her head. Then we climbed up the stairs and went back to my room. It was nearly one hour since the electricity blackout. My body was sweating once again and so was my step-sister. But she seemed okay in this kind of situation.

I opened another window of my room and moonlight gently shone its light to my room. At least I got to see the surrounding a little bit. I took this opportunity to read a book. I couldn’t waste my time rather than loitering around. I put the chair near the window and start reading. Sometimes I took a glance towards my step-sister who was sitting quietly on my bed. After a few minutes, she fell asleep.

Suddenly I felt pity towards her. She’s just a little girl and a little girl like her needs someone to play with. I remembered last week when my father and step-mother had to attend a course for two days. I had to take care of my step-sister at home. Usually I will hang out with my friends by playing tennis but last week I couldn’t go anywhere.

I stayed in my room, finishing my homework and did a little bit of self study but my step-sister was sitting alone in her room. I ordered pizza for lunch and we ate together in silence. I didn’t even ask what kind of food that she wanted. I knew she wanted something else but she’s too scared to talk. Maybe she’s afraid of my frowning face. My friends often told me that when I frowned, I looked very scary.

When I think of it, maybe having a little sister is not bad after all. All I need to do is to get close to her even she’s not my real sister. We’re part of a family now. I need to accept her as part of my family. And since she never create troubles when she moved in, I think I should hang out with her more.

I didn’t know how long I have been sleeping on the chair. My alarm clock woke me up. I felt dizzy as soon as I stood up. My body was aching and I didn’t feel so good. I looked at my alarm clock. It was 6 in the morning. I performed Subuh prayer and after that my head started to spin. I nearly stumbled on the floor as I walked to my bed. What’s happening to me? I felt very weak and I assumed that I was having a fever.

Then my step-sister knocked on the door twice before she came in. She was surprised to see me lying weakly on the bed. She approached me with a worry face.

“Are you okay?” she asked and put her little hand on my forehead. “You’re burning!” she gasped.

“I’m fine,” I mumbled but she ran out and called her mother.

My step-mother came to my room and checked my body temperature with the thermometer. Dad always keeps the first-aid kit inside his room. My step-mother told me that I had a fever and I needed to go to the clinic. She told her daughter to stay with me for a while because she wanted to inform to my principal that I couldn’t go to school that day.

I’ve been sent to the clinic after having rice porridge for breakfast. My step-sister followed us to the clinic too since she said that she’s worried about me. She even skipped her school today! The doctor said that I needed to rest for three days. He gave me antibiotics and other medicines. My step-mother was glad that I was not having a high fever.

We returned home and my step-mother told me to rest in my room. My step-sister kept me company for the whole day. She helped me a lot especially when I wanted to take my medicine. I fell asleep after taking the medicine.

After two hours sleeping, I woke up. I was surprised to see my step-sister was sleeping near my bed. She’s been keeping me company since this morning. It reminded me when I was having a fever back then. My late mother will keep me company and never leave by my side. I never thought that my step-sister was doing like my late mother did.

I felt guilty towards her. I never keep her company before even when she was sick. Then I realized she was holding my hand while she was sleeping. I let her held my hand and continued to sleep. I felt quite happy for having her as my sister.

Few days later…

“Did we get everything on the list?” I asked my step-sister as she was looking at the shopping list.

She nodded and handed me the list. I put the list in my pocket and both of us went to the counter to pay for the things that we’ve picked inside the trolley. My step-sister and I were shopping some groceries that my step-mother asked us to.

After paying all the stuff, we took all the groceries to the car park. I called my step-mother that we’ve finished shopping and she said that she’ll be picking us up as soon as possible. I knew that she’s having an important thing to do at her office. Dad was having a conference and he’ll be back next week.

As we waited for my step-mother to come, I spotted an ice-cream man was ringing the bell to attract people to buy his ice-cream. I thought I should buy the ice-cream. It’s nice to have an ice-cream in this hot sunny weekend.

“Do you want some ice-cream?” I asked my step-sister who was staring at the road, waiting for her mother to arrive. “It’s my treat!”

“Sure! I would love too!” she smiled happily.

I love to see that smile. It brightens up my life. Having a sister who is ten years younger is not bad after all.