Friday, 24 February 2012

My Q & A

I got these questions from Sui's blog. I love answering these kind of questions. Happy reading, people!

1. Who is the most inspiring person for you on earth?
My Mom, of course. She always be my inspiration and my idol. I wish I can be a good mother just like my Mom one day.

2. What are your dreams that you wish would come true?
I wish I could be a writer and publish some of my writings. I wish I can be a good and inspiring teacher for my students. I wish I have a handsome husband. No kidding!

3. What is your favorite music?
Western Classical music (just like Sui), Malay traditional music, Ballad, R&B, sometimes Alternative music.

4. Do you have a husband? If not then what type would you like? 
I'm not married yet but I would love to have a handsome husband (like I mentioned above) who is caring and hunky. Haha :P

5. What are your hobbies?
Oooohh!! I love this question! I like to read novels and write novels. I love to listen to piano especially Chopin, Beethoven and Mozart. I love to collect erasers. I love to work out at the gym to keep my body fit (I'm active in practicing martial art, that's why)

Why do you Blog? 
I Blog because I want to have blogger friends and I like to post my stories in it even though not so many people read it. :)

7. Which countries would you like to visit for a holiday?
Japan - because it's the land of ANIME!
Egypt - I want to visit the pyramids

8. What types of animals do you like?
Cats and Snakes.

9. Do you love tea or coffee or both? 
I prefer tea, especially iced-tea

10. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I can be both. Its depend on the situation and environment

11. What's your favorite food?
My Mom's cooking and Chicken Soup

12. Do you like candles and soaps?
I like soaps rather than candles.

Okay....I think I've answered all the questions. YAY!!

Circle Quartet: 23

Chapter 23

His sorrowful eyes tell me everything. I make no attempt to ask him more. The reminiscence of the past quietly appears into my mind. I couldn’t forget the night when he turned into a werewolf, the night where he left the scar on my arm, the night that change our bonds.

“Tell me this isn’t happening,” I mutter. Stefan frowns at me. “Don’t look at me with that kind of face, Stefan. We’re in the middle of jungle and this is between life and death. If you don’t turn into werewolf, you’re going to die. We are going to die,” I grit my teeth. This anger is abruptly taking control of my mind. I need to calm myself down.

“I know, Alice. But this is not a question of can’t. It’s a question of won’t. I’ve hurt you for so many times. I don’t want to hurt you anymore,” he slowly shakes his head.

“Stefan, look at me!” I grab his collar and stare straight into his eyes. His face is just an inch from mine. “This is not a time to joke around! That bear will find us soon and we have to fight it. The only way to kill that bear is you to turn into a werewolf, you got that?” I shove him hard and make him stumble backward.

I jump above him and send a flying kick. Not toward him, but to the bear. It has found us and this time I need to kill it. One of my swords is still stuck on its arm.

“Look likes I have to finish this ugly thing on my own,” I grip my other sword and attack the bear by swinging the sword as hard as I could. I still remember Stefan taught me swinging the baseball bat. All I need to do is cut of its head.

But the bear is smart and it has thick fur and steel body. I attack it once more and this time is from below. I roll under it and punch its belly. The bear growl in pain and I punch it again and send it flying. The bear stands up and swings its claws randomly. I dodge to the left and right but it hit me hard. I fall into the river. It is shivering cold and I need to get on the surface as fast as I can.

“Alice!” I hear Stefan shouts my name.

I manage to jump to the surface and slowly swim to the bank. I’m now wet and cold and shivering. Stefan helps me up to the ground and I’m panting hard. I can feel the warm blood trickle down from my cheek.

“My cheek!” I shriek. I hate when I get a cut on my pretty cheek.

Stefan glares at the bear and I can see his eyes are turning into silver. He’s changing into werewolf. He doesn’t take much time to transform himself because tonight is full moon. Stefan is now a werewolf with shimmering silver fur, not brown colour like his first transformation. He growls and howls at the moon.

The bear growls ferociously and attempts to attack him. Stefan is fast. He runs to the bear and bites its neck. It takes only one bite to break the bear’s neck and it turns into black sand. As I thought earlier, that bear is not real. It’s the work of magic. And there’s the last flag that we need before reaching the Old-Willow tree.

Stefan turns to me and he’s still in werewolf mode. I can’t move. My body becomes numb. I’m shivering, not because of the cold but this is what exactly happens when the first time Stefan turns into werewolf. I gulp nervously and close my eyes and pray.

Suddenly I feel something warm covers my shivering body. I slowly open my eyes and see Stefan curls besides me, wrapping his bushy tails around my body so that I don’t feel cold anymore.

“You feel better?” He asks.

“Ye-yeah. Th-thanks, Stefan,” I nod.

“I’m sorry, Alice. I’ve hurt you that night. After that incident happened, I was trying to tell you that I didn’t do it on purpose. I couldn’t control my power yet. And when my family moved, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. The night that we met again at your party, I couldn’t utter a word. I didn’t know what to say and how to react. I wanted to talk to you but I can’t. One day, Jeff came to my house and told me that he will help me to win your heart back. He told me everything about you and what I should do. That’s why I’ve tried so hard to get close to you like we used to be.”

Jeff’s behind this? I’m going to kill him, twice!

“I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for breaking your heart. I’m sorry for not keeping my promise. Will you forgive me?”

I’m now speechless. Stefan apologizes to me and yes, he’s being honest. I don’t know what to say. That is the word that I wanted to hear from him these years. I know it’s hard to say the word. Stefan rests his wolf’s head on my arm and looks at me with his sorrowful eyes.

I remember what Grandma Zelda had told me yesterday. Let bygone be bygone. I need to give him one more chance to say sorry. I can’t change the past but I can do something for the future.

I slowly wrap my arms around his furry neck. “I forgive you, Stefan. And sorry for not giving you any chance to apologize. And sorry for calling you ‘stupid dog’,” I whisper to his ear.

“Thanks so much, Alice.” He sounds quite happy this time.

“Can I scratch under your chin?” I ask.

Stefan chuckles. “Sure. I would love to”.

I scratch under his chin. “I always want to have a dog.”

“Well, you already have one. I will keep my promise as I promised you ten years ago. I’ll protect you, Alice. I swear.” He makes a vow, again. And this time, I know that he’s telling the truth.

“I think we should hurry to the Old-Willow. We got the last flag,” I ruffle his head.

“Yeah, you’re right.” He slowly stands up. “Hope on my back. I’ll give you a ride.”

Now this is cool! I never ride a werewolf before. I take his bag pack and put the last flag in it and hop on Stefan’s back. Suddenly we heard music not far from here. And it’s getting louder and louder.

“Do you hear that?” I ask and look around.

He nods. “Isn’t that song from The Lion King?”

I listen carefully to the song that is getting louder. Stefan is right! It’s Can’t You Feel The Love Tonight song. I look up on the tree and see Jeff carrying a small radio while singing the song.

“And can you feel the love tonight!” he sings while his other 3 companions be the backup singers.

“Jeff, you jerk!” I yell at him. Jeff waves at me and jumps down from the tree. His other companions are still on the tree.

“Hey there, little buddy. Sorry for ruining your romantic mood with your big pet over there. I need to tell you something,” says Jeff. Meanwhile, Stefan has turn back into human form.

“What is it?” asks Stefan as he’s now standing next to me.

“Congratulations! You guys have reached the Old-Willow!” he announces.

I jump with joy and hug Stefan. “We did it! We did it, Stefan!”

Stefan blushes as I hug him and I let go off him when Jeff is smiling weirdly at us.

“Are we the first pair to arrive here?” I ask.

“Nope. The first one is Abbie’s pair. She already went to the base camp,” Jeff shakes his head. “Well, at least you got the second place.”

I pout. There’s no way I lost to Abbie. It was all that big, fat, ugly bear’s fault!

“But where’s the Old-Willow tree?” asks Stefan.

Jeff points to the small willow tree with a sign ‘Old-Willow’.

“That’s the Old-Willow? I thought it was big,” I say.

“Okay, lovebirds. Let’s go back to the base camp. The foods have been served and you can gobble them up. I know that you’re now hungry, am I right?” Jeff pats Stefan’s shoulder.

I am hungry right now! And I need to drink more blood. I grab Stefan’s hand and teleport to the base camp. 

Friday, 17 February 2012

Circle Quartet: 22

Chapter 22

“No.” That’s the answer that I get from Grandma Zelda. I told her that I want to exchange my partner for the test but no avail. I know that Grandma Zelda is very strict but sometimes she can be persuaded in certain circumstances.

“But grandma, I really, really want to pair with Abbie,” I plead. I try to do the puppy-eyes, just like Raina always does, but it’s not working.

“Rule number one of this test, you have to be with other clan. So you can’t be paired with Abbie. Second rule, you can’t change your partner,” she looks at me with a stern face that makes me want to cringe.

I sigh heavily. I guess I have to stick with Stefan for the rest of my life. That is what everyone in our families wants us to be. Get married, have some babies, live happily ever after. Is this what we call a fate?

 “I know what happen between you two. Since that incident happen, you have changed rapidly. You hate Stefan so much and sometimes you never give any chance for him to apologize for what happen. And you even call him ‘stupid dog’.” Grandma Zelda clasps her hands and stares at me.

She knows about that? I’m going to be killed! I start to sweat but Grandma Zelda reaches across the table and gently places her hand on mine. She tries to console me, I guess.

“Jeff told me everything,” she says.

“Jeff told you?” I nearly raise my voice but somehow I can control it. Grandma Zelda nods. I’m going to kill Jeff!

You can’t change the past, Alice. There’s nothing you can do about it,” says Grandma Zelda in a soft voice. “I think it’s time for you to let go of your past, Alice. Let bygone be bygone. If you want to change something then change for the future.”

But in the end, I can’t change my partner for the test. I thank Grandma Zelda before I leave her room and off to my bedroom at the North Tower. I walk down in a hallway and stopped at the Great Parlour. There are portraits hanging on the wall. I take a look at those pictures. Grandma Zelda’s portrait hangs higher than anybody else because she’s the Chancellor. Below her portrait are the portraits of Grandma Maegan, Granddaddy Saba and Grandma Tanya, the Pro-Chancellors. Grandaddy Saba will e the next Chancellor in three years in time.

Then my gaze is locked to one portrait at the left side of the wall. Jeff’s portrait. I read the label below the golden frame; Vice-Chancellor. He’s superior to Dad and my other uncles! No wonder everyone bowed down their heads at that time. He’s the Vice-Chancellor and also the First-Class Commander of Assassin Squad! He never told me once about being the Vice-Chancellor.

“You look so quiet lately. Is there anything you wanted to talk about?” asks Abbie as I stare at the window. She’s right. I’m kind of quiet lately.

I smile and turn around to her. “I got distracted.”

Abbie sits next to me. “Alice that I know is never been bothered by any kind of distraction. Even that spiky-haired freaked wench, Cody, won’t be a bothersome to you.”

“This is not about Cody, Abbie. It’s something else. Something that makes me has to think and wonder. I don’t know how to convey this stuff, you know,” I sigh heavily.

“Hey, you have me here, Alice. You can tell me anything. Anything at all,” she puts her hand on my shoulder. Just like Jeff used to do when I have problems. “It’s about Stefan, isn’t it?”

I nod. I know she reads my mind and I’m letting her to read whatever I am thinking right now. Since I came here, living in this magnificent room with Abbie, she’s the one who I can freely talk to. Even though we’re not this close before, but being with her enlighten my heart. She’s like a dear sister to me.

“Yeah,” I blurt out. “It’s hard to tell, Abbie. One minute I hate him so much, the next I want to see him so badly. I hated him for what he had done to me ten years ago. But since I met him during high school, the feeling started to change. When he started to talk to me again, I think I’m longing for his voice, his presence,” I close my eyes and lean my head on Abbie’s shoulder.

“I never had that kind of feeling before but I think you should let go of something bothering you from the past,” she says, just like Grandma Zelda told me earlier. I chuckle. “What’s so funny?”

“That’s what Grandma Zelda told me when I met her this afternoon before lunch. She said that I should let go of the past and cling for the future,” I smile. Now I feel a little bit better.

“Well, great mind thinks alike,” she laughs and I laugh with her.

“Thanks, Abbie. You’re the best sister ever!” I hug her.

“Now that you’re not distracted anymore, why don’t we go to the gym? We still have one more day before the test start,” she lets go of my hugs and smiles.

I nod and we off the gym. The gym is located at the second floor of the North Tower and only few people are there. Abbie and I take turn in punching the sandbag. This is the best way to get rid of any disturbance and distractions that are tormenting your brains and feelings.

*         *          *

“Everyone, get in line in your partner in 10 seconds!” Jeff gives out the order and starts counting. He’s wearing the Assassin suit with his squad. He’s in-charge for this test.

Stefan and I stand in the front row and Jeff briefs about the test. We’re now facing the Dummy Forest. This is where our test will be held in 5 minutes. Each pair is given a small device called Mini – it looks like D-vice but much smaller, bag packs, weapons, blood supplies for vampires and food.

The test may seem easier. The pair who gets to the Old-Willow tree will be the winner. We also need to find 13 flags along the way. We have 8 hours to complete the mission. Inside this Dummy Forest, there are a lot of obstacles that we have to go through, even monsters exist in there!

Each pair is given numbers which represent the starting gates. There are 50 gates to enter the Dummy Forest. Stefan and I get the 7th gate. When Jeff shoots fire from his hand, everyone dashes inside the forest.

Stefan lets me to lead the way because I’m good in reading map. And right now I’m reading the map in the Mini which looks like a GPS. We only had gone through one obstacle after been walking for two hours. I take out a bottle of my blood supply and sip it with a straw. The night is still young but I need to drink the whole bottle in case we run into monster’s den.

Stefan uses his animal instinct – his instinct is 99% accurate, to sense a danger. He looks calm and seldom talks while we’re walking. I also don’t know what to talk about to him. He makes me feel a little awkward after the incident at the spa.

Suddenly, he grabs my shoulder. “Stop. I sense something,” he whispers to my left ear.

I look around and hear something rustling nearby. I use my night vision and try to find the ‘thing’ which I think is getting nearer.

“Alice, watch out!” Stefan pushes me aside as the ‘thing’ attacks from the bushes. I stumble on the ground. How dare Stefan push me!

As I stand up and ready to pounce at the ‘thing’, my eyes widen. It’s a bear. A huge black bear wrestles with Stefan. I think it is 4 feet tall and I don’t think Stefan will win against it. Why bear? Why not goblins or one-eyed monster?

I take out my weapons, two short-swords, from the bag and attack the bear as Stefan has been hit quite bad. I kick the bear in the face and swing both of the swords to cut the bear but it doesn’t work. The bear is hard as steel. The swords only scratch it thick fur.

The bear claws me but I manage to dodge it and stab its arm. The bear screams in pain. Stefan and I use our super strength, punching and kicking the bear and we manage to send it flying 6 feet away from us. Stefan is panting hard and his head is bleeding.

“We need to get out of here, now!” I grab Stefan’s arm and teleport to any place that is safe for us. Unfortunately, I forget to grab my bag pack along.

I teleport to place near the river where we can wash our face and tend Stefan’s wound. His right arm also has been cut deeply by the bear’s claws. I help him clean his wounds.

“Why you didn’t turn into werewolf, Stefan? You can beat that stupid ugly bear and you’ll heal faster,” I ask him as we sit at the river bank.

“I can’t,” he mutters and looks down to the ground.

I frown. “You can’t? What do you mean, you can’t? You’ve lost your power?”

“No, Alice,” he sighs heavily and slowly looks at me. “I can’t transform into werewolf. Not in front of you.”

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Circle Quartet: 21

Chapter 21

The spa is located at the other side of the Main Building which means we have to walk for about 20 minutes. Some use magic, some use teleportation to go there. Tonight, Beatrice uses her special magic to get us there without being bothered to queue up in line. Plus, she also gets us special coupons for the herbal bath which is hard to get it – the coupon, I mean.

As we arrive there, we show our coupon to the person who is in-charge at the counter and we get our own locker. I put my un-needed stuff for bathing inside and go to the next room to change to bathing cloth. We are given a bathing cloth for each. This cloth is only special for the herbal bath. It looks like a mini swimming suit for me because it only covers from the neck to the knee. And it’s stretchable too.

Beatrice and Saffron take us to the special herbal bath. Abbie and I are very shock when we step inside there. Our jaws are nearly drop because this is not only a spa, this is the Japanese bath house called Onsen. And it is for only four people.

“Coolio!” Abbie and I exclaim in unison.

“Saffron and I work hard for this place, you know,” says Beatrice. Abbie and I hug Beatrice and say thank you repeatedly.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s dip in!” says Saffron and we dip slowly inside the Onsen.

Ahh! This is an absolute pleasure! As I step inside the Onsen, I can feel the cells inside my body are being healed. I feel relax. The water is lukewarm and I can smell the sweetness of the herbs. I put a small towel on my head; just the Japanese did when they are in the Onsen.

“This place is great! I never thought there will be a Japanese Onsen here,” says Abbie while splashing the water to her face.

“Like the Elders said, you can find everything in this Academy,” Saffron smiles. “Besides, this is Grandma Maegan’s idea. You know that she love spa so much.”

“I wish that I can stay in this water forever! This herbal bath is regaining my strength,” I say while closing my eyes. Maybe I can do a medication in here.

“You’ll shrink, Alice,” laughs Abbie and I splash water at her. She splashes water at me back but I dodge it. We have water splashing fight until we heard some noises from the side of the wooden wall. The boys’ Onsen is on the side of the wall.

“Hey, let’s take a peep,” Abbie smiles widely. She’s always having some nasty ideas inside of her head. Beatrice and Saffron try not to laugh and nod. Three of them get out of the Onsen and start to peep at the boys.

I roll my eyes. Sometimes those three are like to be peeping Tom. I thought the boys are more interested in peeping activity rather than girls. Oh well, let them do whatever they wanted. I’m going to enjoy my herbal bath.

“Hey, Alice,” Abbie calls me with a whispering voice. But I ignore her. Suddenly my stomach grumbles.

“Guys, I’m going to get my supply. I’ll be back in a minute,” I get out from the Onsen and reach for my towel. I wrap my body with the towel and head to the locker.

I take the supply from the locker and gulp it down. I remember that I also bring some cookies along. Those guys must be hungry after tired of peeking at the boys from the other side of the wall.

As I want to go back to the Onsen, I bump onto someone and drop the cookies. Too bad they scatter on the floor.  

“I’m…I’m sorry. Are you hurt, Alice?” says the person whom I bumped into.

How did he know my name…Oh My GOD! I’m not so seeing this!

“Alice, are you okay? You hurt?” half-naked Stefan gently pulls my hand and helps me stand up. This is the second time I’ve seen him like this.

“Umm…no. I’m okay. It’s just…the cookies,” I look on the floor at the scattered cookies. Actually, I just wanted to hide my reddening cheeks. And now I can feel my own heartbeat.

“I’m sorry,” he picks the cookies but I think those can’t be eaten anymore.

“Yo, Stefan. I thought you’re going to…Alice?” and now half-naked Jeff appears.

“Jeff?” I stare in disbelief. Sometimes my brother can be very mysterious. One day he’s not here, the next he’s in front of me.

“Hey there, little buddy. I never thought that you’re going to be here. You came alone?” he asks.

I shake my head. “I’m having an herbal bath with Abbie, Beatrice and Saffron,” I answer but I can’t stop to stare at Stefan who is still picking the cookies. Who wants to eat something that already fell on the floor? I’m not eating those!

“Here are your cookies, Alice. I think they are still edible,” Stefan hands me the cookies. I scowl at him ferociously and he automatically steps behind Jeff.

“Now, now, Alice,” Jeff tries to calm me down like he used to. “You don’t have to be mad at him. Look, you are scarring him. It’s just an accident.”

“Do you think that I’m going to eat this?” I shout at both of them while showing the dirty cookies which are now inside the paper bag.

Both of them shake their heads innocently.

“You guys ruin my special day! I’m trying to have a wonderful relaxing day with the girls and you always pop in out of nowhere. Especially you, Stefan!” I pointed to Stefan and dash to the changing room. I don’t know what happen to me right now. But I don’t want to see him at this moment.

I lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling. Abbie and the others haven’t come back yet. I send a message to Abbie by using telepathy, saying that I’m now in the room. And I apologize for not coming back to the Onsen. I keep thinking of what happened at the locker. It’s just cookies after all. Why do I have to get mad, especially to Stefan? I know that he didn’t see me coming at the corner. After I bumped into Stefan, he said sorry. And that time, I don’t think that he’s apologizing because he bumped into me, or about the cookies, or ruining my wonderful day. It’s about something else. The way he apologized showing that he’s regretting upon something.

I don’t want to think of it but this thing keeps playing around in my mind. If he really meant to ask forgiveness for what had happened ten years ago, am I going to accept his apology? For ten years I despise him, hating him so much that make my heart crumbles. I can’t just forget about that horrible incident that changed my whole life. There are things that you can’t just let them go. Those things leave deep scars. And scars won’t disappear so easily.

 I grip tightly at the pillow that I’m hugging right now. Since Stefan became my classmate and be in the same team with me, I have this kind of weird feeling. I don’t hate him like I used to be anymore. Sometimes I feel like his presence comforting me. But sometimes my anger blows up out of nowhere, like what had happened at the locker. I don’t know why. I feel like I’m going to be crazy. I can’t understand this weird feeling. Am I in love right now? Am I in love with Stefan?

*          *          *

“Welcome back to class, people. And thanks for coming back in one piece. I hope that you enjoyed your two weeks of physical training,” greets Madam Violet.

The class starts again and we’re happy to see Madam Violet again. Too bad we need to sit in group, like before. I’m not talking to Stefan and I don’t think that I’ll be talking to him today. And he seems not to know what to ask me.

“I know that you can’t wait for your special test tomorrow night. And I’m the one who’ll be evaluating all of you here. The test will be held at the Dummy Forest,” announces Madam Violet. Everyone whispers at each other. “Don’t worry. You won’t die in there. It’s just a test that will enhance your skills and your strategy. By the way, it’s a full moon tomorrow night. Perfect timing, don’t you think?”

Every one can’t wait for the test, including me. This is the time where I’m going to show what I’ve been training in the past two weeks. I’m going to make the Elders proud of me. Maybe I can be promoted to be in the Assassin Team, which has been my dream since I was small.

Madam Violet claps her hands thrice. “Alright, people. I’m going to tell you some rules. The test is a pair test which means you’ll have a partner.” Every one cheers. “But you can’t choose your partner.” Every one groans in frustration.

Madam Violet takes out a small box. “There are folded papers inside this box and each of you has to take one. Each papers has been drawn a picture and those who get the same picture will be your partner. Is that clear?”

Everyone nods in unison. Madam Violet passes the box to each team. I delve my hand into the box, hoping that I’ll be pairing with Abbie. I take out the folded paper and unfold the paper. I get a picture of cat. I love cat! Maybe this can be my lucky day!

“Umm…Alice,” Stefan calls me after being in silence since this morning. I turn at him with a frowning face. I can see he’s nervous.


“We’re in the same pair,” Stefan shows his paper which has a picture of cat on it.

This is a disaster! Why do I have to pair with him? I raise my hand and call Madam Violet, asking her whether I can change my partner or not. Unfortunately, that is not allowed. We have to abide the rule.

The bell rings and I dash to a place where I can seek help. This is an emergency and I hope that person can save me. I quickly teleport to Hallway of Elders and appear in front of the mahogany door with a golden plate name hang near the top of the door. Zelda Black, the Chancellor of this Academy. She’s the one who can save me from that dense werewolf.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Circle Quartet: 20

Chapter 20

I skip the dinner because I need to know about the stray dog. I’m now heading to the library. I know that Abbie will be worried for I’m not coming to my room yet, after having a father-and-daughter-outing. I text Abbie as I’m on my way to the library, telling her that I’m not hungry and she doesn’t have to worry about me.

There are not so many people in the library at this time. I ask the librarian on duty about the book of stray dogs. She points at the werewolves section. The librarians here are not very talkative and sometimes they look so serious especially when somebody makes a noise. They have sharp ears and two of them are werewolves.

I go to the werewolves section and search for the book about stray dogs. But there are no books mentioning about dogs. The books are all about werewolves. I take one book about the history of werewolf and begin to read.

The main family of werewolf is the Silver. Like my clan and the others; Amber, Black and Primrose, we’re also called the Royal Blood. Those from the main family are superior to the Minors. Only the Royal Blood can join the Circle. The Minors, on the other hand, serve for the Royal Blood. But that was a long time ago. Now, the Minors are no longer serve the Royal Blood like back then. We treat them as equal and they can hold any ranks or joining the Circle.

There are many things that I should know about werewolves as I’m reading the book. I think this is one of the ways to know Stefan better. Talking about Stefan, I haven’t seen him since the blooding ceremony.

As I flip the page about Stray Dog, the annoying alarm shrieks and I nearly jump off my seat. I quickly close the book and put it on the shelves as the book can’t be borrowed. Not all books can be borrowed from this library. Some of them are considered as the artefact so we can only read inside the library.

I’m now in frustration mood. I need to know about the stray dogs. Why do I have to be aware of them? Are they meant harm to the vampires? I think I should ask Stefan. He knows the answer. He must know the answer. I look at my watch. It’s nearly 11 pm. My cell phone rings. It’s from Abbie.

“Alice, where have you been? I’ve been waiting in this room for hours!” she shouts. She reminds me of Raina.

“I’m so sorry, Abbie. I was reading book at the library. I’m going to the room now. Is there any supply in the fridge?” I ask.

“My Dad sent a lot of supplies for us. Hurry up, Alice! Or I’ll lock the door from the inside,” she’s trying to scare me.

“Okay, Abbie. I’ll be there in three seconds!” I hang up my call and ready to teleport to my room. Before I teleport, I pass the fountain. The man whom I found several days ago is not there. Maybe it’s just my imagination at that time. I shake my head and teleport to my room before Abbie driving me crazy!

The physical training starts tonight. Everyone has to assemble at the Main Hall for the briefing. I sit beside Stefan as he saved the seats for me and Abbie. That’s very nice of him. Grandma Maegan gives the briefing as she’s the Chancellor of this Academy for this year. We get the new schedule which has been sent to our D-Vice.

I take a look at my schedule. Some of the training requires mixing groups, and some of them are don’t. After the briefing session, all of us scramble to the Gym. Actually I would like to call it the Big Gym because it is big. It’s like as huge as a shopping complex! You can get all the equipments here.

My cousin, Adam, is the coach of this physical training. He wears a cap and a whistle hangs around his neck. He blows the whistle three times. Everybody gathers in front of him.

“Welcome to the gym, people. I’m Adam Amber, your coach. You guys are going to be trained for two weeks in a row. Before we start the real training, we need to warm up first. Get into your group according to your class and do the stretching. I want at least 30 minutes of stretching. Let’s go!” he blows the whistle louder than just now.

Abbie and I gather with Stefan, Dan and Helen. We stand in a circle and Stefan stands in the middle to lead the stretching. Stefan and I are used to warm up because we’re very active in sports when we’re in high school. Abbie only plays indoor game so she has trouble in stretching her legs.

After 30 minutes warming up, Adam whistles one more time and this time we just stay in our group. Adam explains about the training and the first thing that we have to do is the body check-up to make sure that our body is healthy and fit enough to undergo the training for two weeks in a row.

Abbie and I go to the medical room at the North Tower where I meet Aiden, or should I call him, Dr. Aiden, again. He greets us warmly and does the check up. And after that, we go back to our room because the real training will start tomorrow. So I think I should have a good morning sleep before I wake up the next night.

“This physical training is killing me!” moans Abbie as she lies flat on her bed. “Thank God that training is over!”

“Chill out, Abbie. We’re supposed to be strong and tough, remember? I can’t wait for the test. It’s going to be great!” I sit next to her. She’s still moaning and whining.

“How come you didn’t feel the muscle pain, Alice?” she asks.

“Let’s say that I’m used to it. You see, Dad taught me martial art since I was four,” I answer, smiling down to her.

“It’s not fair. Daddy didn’t teach me martial art but soccer,” she mutters.

“At least you’re good in kicking, Abbie. And you run fast too. Helen was so amazed when she saw you running on the track for 10 rounds non-stop,” I try to cheer her up. Well, she’s good in running. No doubt about that.

Then there’s knocking on the door. I yell at someone behind the door to come in because I’m too lazy to get up from Abbie’s bed.

“Hey, girls! So, how’s your physical training?” asks Beatrice.

“Great!” I cheer.

“No,” whines Abbie.

“Aww, poor Abbie. But don’t worry. We’re here to ask both of you to go to the spa. There’s spa of herbs to regain your energy back,” says Saffron.

“A spa? In this Academy?” Abbie and I nearly scream in disbelieving.

“Yup. And you guys are going to like it. It’s not a public spa so we don’t have to worry about the stares from the males,” adds Beatrice.

Abbie and I cheer. Abbie jumps off her bed like she doesn’t suffer from the muscle pain. We are all excited to go to the spa. We get our toiletries and dash off to the spa.