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The Adventure of Myrr and The Nightingales: 8

Chapter 8

 “Hurry up, Houle! We’re going to be late!” urged Myrr as she tucked in her shoes. She was in a hurry.

“Alright, I’m coming. I’m coming,” said Houle nonchalantly. “Don’t forget this,” he handed her a small round yellow bag.

Myrr grabbed the bag and slung it on her shoulder. Houle carried a picnic bag and made sure that the house was securely locked. The Gallop was waiting for them in front of the lawn, ready to take off. Myrr hopped on the Gallop. She wanted to rein the Gallop but Houle forbade her and asked her to sit behind him. They flew off to the Slug Stream.

All the villagers in the Slug Stream gathered outside of their house, all wearing short pants and skirts. Shatter looked on the sky, waiting for Myrr and Houle to arrive. His sister, Danser, also joined him for she was having a break after accomplishing her mission. Houle’s friends, Apologos and Berstan were there too.

Myrr and Houle arrived few minutes later. Myrr hurriedly hopped down from the Gallop and ran towards Shatter and Danser. She was very excited to see them, especially Danser. She hugged Danser tight and Danser swung her into the air.

“It’s good to see you, Danser!” Myrr said excitedly. “It’s been a long time! I really missed you!”

“I miss you too, Myrr. And congratulation for winning the Hunting Test. Shatter told me everything and I’m very proud of you. That’s why I asked for 5-day break just to spend time with you,” said Danser proudly.

“Did you bring anything that I asked you to?” asked Shatter as Houle approached him.

Houle nodded and showed him the picnic basket. “Everything is here. No need to worry, Uncle Shatter.”

“Hi, Houle!” greeted Berstan. “It’s nice to see you here.”

“Oh, hi Berstan. Never thought meeting you here,” smiled Houle. “Where’s Apologos? Is he coming?”

“Yup,” Berstan nodded. “He’s there with his father,” she pointed to Aplogos who was talking with his father, Cheiftan Scotan.

Apologos saw Houle and waved at him. Houle waved at him back and asked both Berstan and Apologos to join him for a picnic. They settled under the shady tree on the hill.

It was the River Flowing Week where the river flowed into the Village of Slug Stream. The clear water will flow to every street and the villagers will hold a celebration on the first and the last day. Myrr and her family never missed the celebration. Her late father always brought her here with Esclice and Myrr will catch any fish that she liked. Her father gave her the small round yellow bag for her to keep the fish. The fish came in many colours and this attracted the villagers to catch them. There are also stalls where the villagers sold food and handicrafts for the people from other district.

“Uncle Shatter, can I go to catch the fish now? Please, please, please!” begged Myrr after she finished her sandwiches made by Houle.

Shatter nodded and smile. “Sure you can. As long as Houle goes with you.”

Myrr cheered and grabbed Houle’s hand. This was the first time Houle came to the celebration. Myrr asked Danser, Apologos and Berstan to join too. She hurriedly trotted down the hill – which was a small hill where they could see the river flowed, and straight to the water.

She met Lach and her family and both of them were ready to catch the fish. Myrr and Lach couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear as they saw the bright multi-coloured fishes swimming in the crystal clear water. The water only levelled up to their knees. Both of them were wearing short skirts; it’s easier for them to move in the river and catch the fishes.

They spend their time catching those fishes until noon. Usually, the villagers provided lunch for those who were coming and everyone was waiting for this moment. This was the time they could taste the delicious traditional delicacies. There were sweet fish cakes, sweet bun and rice, squid rolls and more – most of the meals were made from fish.

After having lunch, most of the visitors, especially the Nightingales Warriors, went back home. Some of them stayed in and inn for the night. There were fireworks and dancing shows. Myrr begged Houle to stay until night but Houle refused. He told her that both of them will have agility training on the next day. Myrr was frustrated but Houle promised her to take her again to Slug Stream on the last day of River Flowing Week.

Houle hadn’t had the nightmare again after he consulted Dr. Heilen. He tried his best not to think of the nightmare too much, even though he wasn’t sure whether it’s just a nightmare or part of his lost memory. But tonight, he dreamt of a place, a village to be precise. Everyone was working at a farm happily. The sun shone brightly and he was strolling along the farm. The farmers waved and greeted him warmly.

Then a little girl came to him, calling his name. She hugged him and he picked her up. This girl wasn’t Myrr, Houle was sure for that. He missed her. He didn’t know why but he was longing to see her. The little girl told him what she did at school and they went home together. Houle was quite happy in his dream. He had a family and his father was the head of that village. He didn’t want to wake up from his sweet dream until the alarm clock shrieking wildly. He nearly fell down from his bed.


Dr. Heilen read the report that she wrote for the third time. It was the report about Houle’s nightmare as he came to see her last time. She told her husband about it and he suggested her to go to the Investigation Squad. She wanted to go with her husband but he must join the healing team in a mission so she decided to go by herself. Besides, it’s been a while since she didn’t visit her old friend, the Chieftan of Investigation Squad.

Dr. Heilen arrived in front of the most ridiculously strange building. The shape of it was semi-sphere and huge rusty gate stood tall. She pressed on the buzzer and it creaked rather than buzzing. She didn’t have to wait long because the gate was opened just as she pressed the buzzer. She walked through the gate went inside an open door. The workers – that’s what Cheiftan Skuta called them, greeted her with a warm smile and continued their work as she passed by.

“Welcome, Heilen!” greeted Cheiftan Skuta with arms wide open. He was standing on the stairs of the hallway. “It’s nice to see you! It’s been a while, isn’t it? You look fabulous!”

Dr. Heilen smiled and giggled. “I guess you’re right. And you look fabulous too! Is that your new outfit?” she looked at his sparkling green robe while went upstairs.

“Yup! I invented it few days ago. It can make you invisible!” said Chieftan Skuta proudly. “Come, come!” he took her hand and told his worker who was passing by to serve tea.

“This place look beautiful,” she looked at the room where Cheiftan Skuta brought her inside. The carpet was soft and everything was shimmering and glittering.

“Why, thank you, Heilen! My daughter made it. It took more than a month for the glitters. So, do you come here for a visit or there’s something you want to discuss?” he asked as they sat on the finest oak chair. The worker served them red tea.

“Both,” replied Dr. Heilen shortly.

“I see. Then we can’t waste much time,” his tone became more serious. “What is it about?”

“Houle came to me few days ago after been wounded during his training with Arwe,” she started the discussion.

“Houle? The guy who is taking care of Myrr?” asked Cheiftan Skuta.

“Yes,” Dr. Heilen nodded. “He told me about a dream, a nightmare to be precise. He was having this same nightmare for more than a week and this nightmare distracted him so much. Here,” Dr. Heilen handed him the report that she brought with her, “is the report that I wrote about his problem.”

Cheiftan Skuta took it and read it thoroughly. But it only took few minutes for him to finish reading the report because he’s a fast reader. “What do you think, Heilen?” asked him as he finished reading.

“I think it’s not just a nightmare. Its part of his lost memory,” she replied confidently

“Bingo! You’re right! According to your report, he seemed to be having a previous vision of his memory before he was found. Whether someone wanted him to forget or something bad had happened to him. As I remembered when Esclice brought him to the Healing Squad – I was there coincidently, he was badly injured. From my assumption, I think he’d been attacked by something, a Phantom perhaps,” he put the report on the table. “We have to find out more about Houle’s past because he’s neither from our tribe nor our country. Myrr once told me that he saved him when she was attacked and she met him in her dream,” he sipped his tea. “I hope you can help us, Heilen.”

“Of course, I will, Skuta. Anything for a good friend. In fact, this thing is kind of interesting. So, do you want me to bring Houle here? Maybe you can get details from him since you invented a lot of...things...objects...devices,” she suggested.

“Hmm,” he pondered. “That’s a good idea but I think let Houle rest first. If he seek advice from you about his dream or nightmare, you can ask him to come and see me,” he smiled. “I’ll help him find the answer.”

“Thank you so much, Skuta,” she was pleased. “Well, I better go now. I didn’t tell my daughter that I’m coming here. She might search for me crazily. You know her, don’t you?” she giggled, imagining her daughter in panic, searching for her.

Skuta laughed. “Of course! I wonder how she turned out to be a doctor just like you,” he said jokingly.

Dr. Heilen waved goodbye to Chieftan Skuta as he escorted her to the gate. When Dr. Heilen disappeared from his sight, he went inside his building towards his office.

“Let’s see how long can you bear the nightmare, Houle.”