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The Adventure of Myrr and The Nightingales: 4

Chapter 4

Esclice sighed heavily as he told Myrr about his mission. He knew Myrr didn’t like to be left alone since his father died in his mission. Myrr was crying for weeks before she regain to herself. Myrr was surprised to hear the news and she kept on silent. Esclice knew that she was sad but this mission was not the option. He had to go by hook or by crook as the Leader of his Squad. After his father’s death, the First-Line Commander chose him to take over his father’s place as the Leader. Esclice was better than his late father and he never failed his mission once.

Myrr shut herself in her room. She stared at the window and prayed that her brother won’t go. But she knew her wish won’t come true because she knew Esclice very well. He was a respected Leader and he carried his mission with full of determination. That’s why Esclice became her idol and she wanted to be like Esclice one day even though she knew the missions would be more dangerous than she could ever imagine.

She also heard the news from her uncle that there was a traitor among the Nightingales and they were investigating for a very long time. Myrr was scared when she heard that but since Esclice was always by her side, her cowardice subsided.

Myrr went out from her room and searched for Esclice. He was in his room, packing his stuffs inside his square small sack. Myrr slowly tiptoed to her brother’s room. Esclice knew her presence and let her came in. He turned to her and smiled half-heartedly. He also didn’t want to leave her sister alone.

“Do you really have to go?” Myrr broke the silence.
“I wish I won’t, Myrr. But I have to carry out this mission as a Leader,” Esclice stared at his small sack.
Myrr tugged Esclice’s arm and hugged it tight. “I don’t want you to go,” she said softly.
Esclice sighed and patted her head gently. “You don’t have to worry about me, Myrr. I promise I’ll be back home as soon as I completed the mission. And I promise not to let myself hurt,” said Esclice.

They had their last breakfast that morning – in silence. Myrr tried her best to hold her tears. She ate her cereal but it seemed tasteless. Arwe came as they finished eating. Arwe told Myrr that they’ll be alright. Myrr was sent to her uncle’s house.

“Take care of my sister, Houle, said Esclice before he went off.
“Don’t worry. She’ll be safe here,” Houle nodded.
“Wait for me here, Myrr. I’ll be back soon,” Esclice hugged Myrr and Myrr sobbed in frustration. She gripped her brother’s tunic tight but lastly she let it go.
Esclice and Arwe waved their last goodbye and they were off to Regnum’s barrack.

Regnum was sitting on his seat, in front of the square table. Only Esclice, Arwe and Flycerian, the Head of the Assassin were sitting around the table. Then, another two Leaders arrived and the meeting started. Regnum clearly stated about the crucial mission. One of the spy team members reported that the Apparitions appeared near The Hundred Bridges, the place where the Folcs lived. The Folcs are the common tribe of the Rhoms. Most of them are fishermen and farmers. Farmers usually lived in Slugstream while fishermen lived in The Hundred Bridges. The Folcs are not warriors like Nightingales. They need to join the Nightingale School and passed all the physical tests before being nominated as the Nightingales. But only few Folcs joined the school as they loved living as the common tribe.

“Our mission is to guard The Hundred Bridges before the Apparitions evolved into Phantom and spread to Newray Port and Horizontal Stream since they can’t intrude Soncity easily,” said Regnum. “I will now divide all of you into two groups. Flycerian will lead the first group while I’ll be leading the second group. Esclice and Arwe, you’ll be in the first group. The rest will go with me. First group must kill any sign of Apparitions and Ghouls that intrude the Black Area. If any of your team members encounter the Phantom, reported to us right away because the second group will break in their hidden nests. I’ve been reported they settled their nests near the Black Area and Newray Port.”

Flycerian and her team nodded in agreement. Then, the meeting was dismissed. Esclice and Arwe followed Flycerian orders and they headed to The Hundred Bridges by riding Gallop, a huge dragonfly-like creature with dark purple moth wings. Before they took off, they made sure that they had brought their weapons.

“This mission might turn out to war. Stay in groups; follow the Leaders’ and my orders. If you’re outnumbered, retreat and don’t take drastic step by entering the enemies’ den alone. Is that clear?” said Flycerian with a loud, clear voice. The troops of the first group nodded in unison.

Esclice and the other Leaders wore black headbands and rode the Gallop with full of determination and spirit. This was his first time leading his group to a war. Inside his heart, he prayed for Myrr’s safety. But he didn’t seem to be quite worried for Houle will take care of his sister.

It’s been two weeks since Esclice had gone to war. Myrr received no news about her brother since then. She was very worried and lost her appetite but it lasted only few days. Houle and her friends always cheered her up and that made her gain her cheerful self back. She knew that her brother will come back after completing his mission – she didn’t know that the mission had turned out to war. She went to school with highly spirit and that made her class tutor, Reopan, happy.

Every evening she and Houle went for training at Lach’s barrack. Lach’s father, Feoh, also went to the war for he was the strongest Leader among all the Nightingales. Houle trained with Lach’s brother, Joind. Feoh didn’t send him to go to war for he wanted Joind to take care of Lach since Lach was very small and needed to train hard to be Nightingale like him. They sometimes trained at the Blue Forest.

Houle was getting better at training every day. Joind trained him well although his training was harder than Houle thought. But Houle was determined to become stronger and he attempted to be part of the Nightingales. Myrr and Lach stopped training as they were very tired. Both of them were ready to take part in the sword fight competition which will be held in the next two months.

As they were cooling themselves down, they heard the sound of the trumpet blowing not far from the Blue Forest. They knew the sound was blown to announce that the warriors had came back home. Myrr and Lach couldn’t wait to see their love ones and they rushed to where the trumpet was blown; Soncity Square.

Houle caught up with Myrr and Myrr’s eyes were searching for her brother wildly. She saw Commander Regnum together with Lach’s father, Feoh. But she couldn’t find her brother. She grabbed Houle’s hand and went on further. Then, her eyes widened to see her cousin, Arwe was lying weakly on Gallop, accompanied by another archery teams. Feoh and Regnum were also injured but not as bad as Arwe.

“Arwe!” Myrr ran to him. “What happen to you? Where’s Esclice?” she bombarded him with the questions.
Arwe tried to stand up but his body was badly injured. One of his friends helped him up. “Myrr, I’m sorry,” he held Myrr’s hand. “I...couldn’t save Esclice,” he groaned in pain.

Myrr shook her head. She didn’t want to believe what she heard just now. Regnum came to her and looked at her with sad eyes.

“Myrr, your brother fought hard but he couldn’t make it. When the enemies attacked with shooting fires, we couldn’t save your brother. We didn’t even find the body but this,” he put Esclice black headbands on Myrr’s trembling hand. “I’m so sorry for the lost,” he said quietly.

Myrr cried. She wailed her brother’s name. She wished this was just a dream. She wanted to wake up from this nightmare. But she was not dreaming. What she’s heard was the truth. She lost her family, her love ones. She didn’t have anyone anymore. She felt that her heart was crushed.

Houle crouched down before her and hugged her tight. He remembered the last word from Esclice before he left. And he remembered that Myrr told him about her dream, his promise to her. He knew the feeling being left alone. He could feel Myrr’s feeling the moment he hugged her. Inside his heart, he vowed to protect Myrr with his life and will always be her side, forever.

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The Adventure of Myrr and the Nightingales: 3

Chapter 3

Houle sat at the front door, watching the scenery. The birds were chirping delightfully as it was bright and sunny day. He loved watching birds and smelled the fresh air in the morning and evening. This peacefulness brought him joy and happiness. Somehow, he missed his home.

His wounds were getting better but still he couldn’t move around much. He’s waiting for someone; someone who was very concerned towards him. He didn’t know her but she always told him that he met her before. He couldn’t remember anything except for his name. And he’s been staying in this big house for almost two months since he regained consciousness.

The male doctor usually came twice a week to check on his body and his health. That doctor was funny, he thought. He was talkative and sometimes annoyed him. But he couldn’t care less for everyone that he knew here was very friendly and helpful. Even the master of this big house was nice towards him although he had a very serious face and less talkative.

He heard somebody was calling his name. He knew this voice and that person whom he waited had arrived. She was running happily towards him and this time she brought something in her hand. She always came with her brother and that reminded him of his lost little sister.

“Hello, Houle!” greeted Myrr as she bought some cakes to him.
“Hello, Myrr,” he smiled.
Myrr sat beside him and showed the cake. “Esclice bought a cake. Here, try some,” she held the cake and he took it. “How was it?” asked Myrr as Houle was munching the cake slowly.
“It’s good. I like it,” he replied.
Myrr cheered.
“How’s your wounds?” asked Esclice.
“Getting better,” he said.
Esclicle smiled. “Well, Myrr. You don’t have to worry about him anymore.”

Then the master of this house appeared and Myrr hugged him. He was her uncle and he’s responsible to take of Myrr and Esclice since their father passed away two years ago.
“Esclice bought a cake, Uncle Shatter. You should try some,” said Myrr and asked him to try the cakes.
“Thank you, Myrr. Let me order tea for you,” said Shatter and told his servant to serve tea.

Shatter is the Chief of Elite Squadron and he’s an influenced man in Soncity, where most the Nightingales lived. Everyone respected him and he’s a good leader. His wife died because of a disease and because he didn’t have children, he adopted Myrr and Esclice to be part of his family.

They had their tea together and Myrr told her story in school to Houle. Houle didn’t talk much but rather listened to Myrr’s story. He remembered when he woke up from unconscious two months ago, Myrr was the first person who talked to him. She was very excited because she had found the man that she met in her dream. It was a dream comes true! But her happiness was crumbling into dust when Houle asked her who she was and where he was at that time.

But Myrr didn’t give up. She took care of him day by day for he was too weak to get up. He was confused when Myrr said that he scribbled the picture on the Scribbling Tree. But he knew that one day he will find who he was and where he came from. And he knew that Myrr will help him to find the answer.

Esclice finished his task early. He went patrolling in the nearest district and took a break at the food stall before going back to his office. After eating, he walked the opposite way to his office because he remembered something. Something that could give him an answer. He went to the Barrack 14 and met Scild, the Weapon Master and Tracker.

“It’s nice to meet you, Esclice. It’s been a while,” he greeted Esclice as Esclice came into his office.
“Am I bothering you, Scild?” asked Esclice and sat on the chair.
“No, not at all. I was feeling bored. My wife took the children for training since they needed to sharpen their skills,” he replied. “How’s Myrr? I heard that the man that you found gained his conscious.”
“She’s doing fine. She’s taking care of him. Besides, she’s having a month break before the entering the third level,” said Esclice. “I’m here to ask you something, about Houle. Myrr told me hundreds time that Houle is the man that she met in her dream. But Houle who appeared two months ago is slightly different from what she had seen before.”
“Different?” Scild was getting interested in what Esclice was telling him.
“In her dream, Houle’s hair was short and he had a weird mark on both of his arms. But there’s no mark on his arms and his hair was longer. But Myrr gave a nice haircut to his hair. She said it’s too messy and boys should have short hair rather than keeping it long. But that’s not the thing I wanted to discuss with you. It’s about the mark. Myrr drew this once and I still keep this drawing,” Esclice pulled out a piece of paper from his robe and showed it to Scild.
Scild looked at the drawing carefully. Myrr’s drawing was very neat and clear. He frowned and put the paper on the table. “I need time to investigate this thing. As a Tracked, I need a lot of details before getting the answer. Can I keep this drawing for a while?” asked Scild.
“Sure. No problem. If there anything you’ve found, just tell me,” said Esclice and stood up. “I need to go back to the office. Uncle Shatter might nag me if I come back late.”
“Shatter is a very punctual person. And strict too. I wonder how your father dealt with him when he was alive,” Scild chuckled.
“Dad was his big brother. He always listened to what Dad told him,” Esclice smiled and excused himself.

Houle watched Myrr playing with the little blue butterflies. Myrr took him for a walk in a wood near Shatter’s house. Houle was getting better and he enjoyed himself walking in a wood. He still tried to remember what had happened in his past but failed. He was quite sad but when he met Myrr, she somehow brought hope to his despair.

Myrr talked about her dream to be an adventurer when she grew up. She told everything to Houle even though he seldom replied to Myrr’s opinion. Myrr enjoyed her daily life talking to Houle. She was sure that one day Houle will get his memory back and remember the time that they met in her dream.

Myrr caught one blue butterfly and brought it to Houle who was sitting under the shady tree. “Isn’t it beautiful?” asked Myrr, showing him the blue butterfly.
“Yes, it is,” replied Houle and looked at the butterfly. “You love butterfly?”
Myrr nodded with a smile on her face. “I like butterflies. One day, I’m going to fly out of this place and travel to other places. I heard from my cousin that there are a lot of interesting places in this world. Maybe we can go together, Houle,” she said cheerfully.
Houle smiled and nodded. “I love travelling too.”
“That’s great! We can be a great team!” cheered Myrr. “Just imagine. Myrr and Houle, the greatest adventurers!” she waved her hand, imagining the two of them travelling together by riding a Gallop.

Houle chuckled and that was the first time he seemed so happy. After a few moments, he walked Myrr back to Shatter’s home where Shatter and Esclice were waiting for them. Myrr waved him goodbye and promised to come again the next day after school. Houle said that he will wait for her at the veranda as usual.

That night, Shatter asked Houle to join him for dinner in the Main Dining Hall. Houle was surprised to see the spacious hall with decorations hanging on the wall. He had never been to this hall before. He never thought that this house was this big. Big dining table stood at the centre of the hall and rows of servants were serving the food. All of them bowed down to Shatter and Houle as they approached the table. Houle couldn’t stop staring at the servants who were more than 20.

Shatter asked him to sit on the chair and the servants poured down the drink in each glass. The servant asked Houle if he wanted another drink but Houle politely refused. He was feeling awkward when the servants bowed to him before leaving. He stared at his meal. He never ate this kind of meal before. And it smells very nice that made his stomach grumbled. Shatter and Houle were having a silence dinner since they didn’t talk much. Shatter wasn’t the person who talked much and he was giving Houle times to adapt to his house and get his memory back.

Myrr, Lach and her two other friends Stuer and Hittan were waiting for their names to be called by their teacher. Today was the day that they’ve been waiting since they had gone through some tests. Myrr clasped her hand and prayed. She hoped that her name will be called because she really wanted to make her brother proud. Her teacher was announcing the names that passed the Elementary Level. Those who passed will be called Junior Nightingales and they will automatically further their study to the Middle Level.

Then Myrr heard that her name has been announced. She cheered as well as her other three friends who also succeed in their Elementary Level. They hugged each other and thanked the teacher. Most of Myrr’s classmates were going to the Middle Level. Myrr received a certificate and her result book. She passed the tests quite well and she could not wait to show this to Esclice.

She ran back home happily and told Esclice about her result. Esclice was very happy for her and he brought her to Shatter’s house. Shatter and Houle congratulated her and Shatter told her to do well in her Middle Level. Shatter threw a party and Myrr invited her friends to come. Lach came with her father, Feoh, the most respected warrior in Soncity. Feoh was also a good friend of Myrr’s late father and Shatter. Stuer and Hittan came with their parents. Myrr and her friends enjoyed the party and they danced together. Myrr also introduced Houle to her friends and they invited Houle to dance but Houle refused. He didn’t know how to dance and Myrr taught him a little bit.

Then, her cousin, Arwe came. He didn’t know that there’s a party at Shatter’s house. Shatter invited Arwe to join them. Arwe congratulated Myrr and gave her a present which was a tunic. Myrr needed to wear tunic if she wanted to be a Nightingale. Myrr was very happy and asked Arwe to dance with her. Arwe danced with her for a few moments and then excused himself to join Esclice.

“I went to your house but no one was around. So I knew that you’re here,” said Arwe, sipping his drinks.
“Myrr got her result and it’s quite good. That’s why we came here to let Uncle Shatter know,” said Esclice. “Anyway, what’s the reason you come here? Just want to meet me or something?”
Arwe took something from his pocket. “We have a mission and we need to report at Chieftan Regnum’s barrack tomorrow.”
Esclice sighed. He knew about the mission since last week during the meeting. It was not like the other mission that he had taken part. This one was very dangerous. He took a glance at Myrr who was playing with her friends. He knew Myrr will be sad if she knew that he had to leave him for few weeks.