Monday, 9 February 2015

The Diary of Amethyst the Dragon Rider: 2

Chapter 2

22 February 2010

Today is the best day of my life!

I score full marks in History pop quiz. I speak flawlessly during public speaking in English class. I present well in the Biology class – it’s about bacteria. I feel like…wow!!

Clara sits next to me in Social Study class and she even asks me to eat with her during the break. I am not surprised by that because she’s a fair-weather friend. She’ll leave me alone in a couple of days, trust me.

Mom sends a text to me when I’m in the library doing homework. She says that their eating out so I should knock something up for lunch. I think I’ll eat out too. There’s a cafeteria near school. I know Mom doesn’t want to wait for me if she wanted to eat out with the rest of my family. And I don’t mind either. My family doesn’t want me to be with them. I don’t know why. I rarely spend my precious time with them except dinner. Maybe I’m not as clever as my other siblings – they always get flying colour results in every tests and exams. I never get good results since I enter school. I know I’m not bright.

Watch TV after dinner and go to bed. Wake up because of the strange buzzing sound in my room. I’m shock to see two guys standing in my room. One is dead weird and one is dead handsome. And that handsome guy looks very familiar.

I threaten them by using the baseball bat – lucky for me to put the baseball bat near my bed post. They explain that they are searching for someone and suddenly the handsome guy – his name is Turq, asks me where did I get the necklace. I tell him about it and his face expressions changes abruptly.

He claims that I’m his long lost sister and he’s been looking for me for ages, after the war. They convince me that the necklace is the proof. No one can wear it except for the owner. I don’t know what to say to them because I’m still thinking that I must be dreaming. They convince me once more that I’m not dreaming.

[source from: deviantart by nightcross]

Turq asks his other friend, Lode to open the portal. I don’t want to go with them in the first place but suddenly I have a second thought. Maybe it’s true that I belong to other world, their world. Maybe I can get the answer of my weird dream.