Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Diary of Amethyst, The Dragon Rider: 4

Chapter 4

Early Summer: Day 2

[credit by Naviretlav: Deviantart] 

It’s hard to swallow that I’m a princess. Me? A PRINCESS!? It’s like a wish comes true. Well, I once wanted to be a princess when all of my family members – my previous family members, actually, ignored me.

Dad told me this morning after breakfast. He said that I need to know the truth. He wanted to tell me last night but he wanted to surprise me, waiting for the right time.

I met people in the Middle. They are only 30 people. Some of them are still travelling, seeking adventures and spying on the bad guys. I met my friends and they were happy to see me. I realized that they are the ones I met in my dreams. And I remembered their names!

We chatted and chatted until lunch. We had lunch together under the sun. Even though it’s summer but it’s not too hot. The weather is fine. Since day is longer than night (it’s summer, obviously), the girls were curious whether I still remember the boy whom used to be my mutual enemy. I met one this morning. His name is Pyrite and he’s very annoying, especially when he told me that he can do magic greater than I am. He laughed at me when I still can’t remember a lot of things and he made me wanted to whack his head!

Then Dad told me about the Dragon Pearls when we hang around the house in the evening.

You see, I’m the Lomss clan princess and I was born as a dragon rider. The Dragon Pearls, on the other hands, are the symbol of the birth of the dragon riders. Dad and his brothers have each – the pearls nearly aged more than 400 years according to the shape and colours. Dad showed me the Dragon Pearl that he kept at home. It’s a size of a tennis ball but I can feel that it had its own power.

I asked about my Dragon Pearl but Dad said that I need to be a dragon rider first, and then the pearl will appear. Some need to be searched because they were scattered everywhere. But only the dragon rider can find it.

Aunt Lithium came by. She has short wavy hair and for me, she’s like an actress. She’s my mother’s good friend and Dad told me that she’s an expert in carving. She also knew more about ancient history. She said that I need to learn the Lomss language and she’ll be teaching me during weekend. I can’t wait for language lesson!

I need to sleep early because tomorrow is my first day of training.