Friday, 5 December 2014

The Diary of Amethyst The Dragon Rider: 1

21 February 2010

I have the same dream just like last night and the other nights since last week. And this time it’s 88.5 percent vivid. I can recall the flying scene and a woman giving a beautiful necklace to me. It’s like an amulet. I think it’s an amulet, by the way. It is light purple and I think I’ve seen it somewhere a long time ago.

Dad is on rage on the telephone again. Mom asks him and he says that the stupid PA of him forgot to tell him about the important meeting this morning. So, he’s late and rushes to the car. He mumbles something but I cannot hear it clearly. He must be swearing some swearing words. He always swears when he’s mad.

I’m thinking of going to the library during recess when I reach school but I need to sit in for the class meeting with the Principal. I don’t know why I have to go but I can’t say no to Clara because she’s the class president and she has another meeting with her club. She likes to pick up on me ever since she’s been nominated as the class president. No one wants the boys to be the president because they are dead stupid (that’s what Clara told us). She’s bossy and some of the boys are very annoyed of her.

The meeting was short – thank God! But I didn't manage to go to the library. Damn! Have to go there tomorrow then. Mom is not at home so as my eldest sister and youngest brother. I think they are off somewhere, maybe at their friends’ house. Mom is ridiculously busy nowadays because she’s planning something for next month with her group of friends. I don’t want to know what the plan is anyway.

My eyes nearly pop out as I enter the room. There’s the amulet in my dream on my table. I rub my eyes few times – maybe I’m having a hallucination, but the amulet is there. Right there, on the table. I look around and take the amulet, wear it and take a look at myself at the mirror. It’s pretty and it’s fit me.

I like this necklace. I hope that it can do magic.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Note from the owner

It's been ages since I updated my last post here. I know most of my blog friends are wondering why I haven't posted anything for nearly a year. I've been busy with my daily work and I have a new job; a mother.

Yes, I am now a mother of a little tyke called Baby Muhammad. Being a mother is super cool and amazing. But there are challenges; some of them great, some of them brings me down a little bit. But that doesn't I quit writing stories.

I write a lot but never have time to post in this blog. I saved them in my laptop, so some editing when I have free time and write more when the baby is fast asleep (like right now!)

I'm trying my best to keep this blog alive again. Filled this blog with interesting stories. I tried once to write a funny story but failed. I realized that I'm more to fantasy and magic.

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting for the stories to pop out in my blog. And I'm sorry for not visiting some of your blogs too.

Best wishes,