Sunday, 27 September 2015

notes from the author (who generally ignore this blog until she realizes that she has to have only one blog to manage)

I know it's been ages since I haven't write anything here.

And suddenly I come up with a very long post title. Because I need to tell myself that I don't have to be too rigid. I used to have one blog. This blog.

Reason: to write anything that I want.

But then, I thought that I should use this blog to write stories. English stories to begin with. And I created another blog for my Malay stories. Then, I thought it should be okay if I create one more blog for my journal.

But I was wrong. I couldn't manage three blogs. I start to ignore them one by one because of laziness. Yeah, lazy is the most suitable word to describe for the current state. I have a lot of things to settle (classes, meetings and exams)

Last night, I was thinking of letting go one of my blog. The journal. I can write anything here. No one will get mad or anything if I don't post my stories. No one will ever bother with what kind of things that I write. I don't even care what kind of comments they will write in the comment box.

The thought of flourishing the blog for having three of them is totally wrong. They're not even flourish. Haha!

So, I decided to let the other blog go. I should stick to one (or two).

Maybe I should write a diary or something...hehe.

Happy Eid Mubarak!

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