Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Man In Black Tie

The Man In Black Tie

Chapter 1

I hated my new house. Seriously hated it. I didn't like the rooms, the kitchen, everything, even the look of the house itself. Why did I have to live here, instead of the countryside? I told my Dad thousand times but he didn't say anything but took me with him here. In this horrible place.

The house was small, and too close to each other. I could even hear the clink-clank of the kitchen utensils just beside our wall in the living room. And the noise, it was terrible. I couldn't sleep much here because of the sound of vehicles. 

I really missed my old home!

I demanded from Dad about the bookshelf but he said he's working on it. It's been a week and there's still no sign of the bookshelf, let alone the book itself. I think I should learn on ergonomics, or maybe not. I'm not good in designing the furniture.

I have bought some of my favourite books but I've read them all for hundred times. I need new books to read. My fingers were ached to touch the pages of the book, I was longing for the smell of the printed papers!

I went out from the house, the sun was shining brightly today. My mission is to find a bookstore. You see, I was kind of new here and Dad said that I shouldn't go anywhere far. He gave me some pocket money everyday, even though I am not a little girl anymore. I've just graduated and tried to find a job. I knew Dad wouldn't agree because he said it's not worth it. He said that money wouldn't be a problem. But I didn't want his money. 

I went to the Flower Cafe, again, since I didn't know where to go or what to do. There were a lot of people there and they seemed don't mind me spending half of my day there, not even the manager of the cafe.

Today the street was extraordinarily busy. On the side walk, I saw some people gathered around the bus stop, waiting for a bus. Most of them wore business suit. There were few school students coming down from the bus, giggling and happily chatting with their friends. 

I really missed my old friends! 

I took a sip of the coffee that I've ordered earlier. Still, I haven't asked any of the waiters about the bookstore. Maybe I was occupied with the new surrounding although I didn't like it much. Then my eyes caught something that sparked my interest.

I saw this man, standing at the bus stop, ignoring the people around him. He had his briefcase on his left and a book on his right. And he was reading a book! It's a small book, I could see it clearly from the window. 

Then it made my heart leaped in joy. There might be a bookstore or a library around here, somewhere, I stared at that man again. He was kind of good looking with spiky hair - well not too spiky, actually. I rarely saw a man who likes reading. Most men looked up to sports stars, or cars. Dad also didn't like reading except for newspapers, of course!

But this man was different. When I looked at him, he's not that old, maybe 20 something as he got a good look. I drank the last drop of my coffee and waved to the waitress.

"Is there any book shop or a library around here, miss?" I asked as I paid the coffee.

"Yes, there is a library. Just a small one. It's two block from here," said the waitress, pointed out the way to go there.

I smiled widely and thanked her. I even gave her an extra tip. I went outside the cafe and looked around. The bus just arrived at the other side of the road. I saw the man closed his book with a snap and put the book inside his pocket.

Our gaze met and he flashed a small smile at me before getting on the bus.

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