Tuesday, 6 October 2015

HashtagMeme: 5 favourite places

I've been to so many places in 31 years of living on this planet. And there are some places that I love most - houses, rent houses, hostels and hotels. But these places only exist in Malaysia even though I've been to another countries before.

1. Kampung Sura Tengah

I had stayed here since 1991 (or 1992, can't remember the exact year). It was the first house, built on our own land (my parents bought the lot). It was a small single-storey house and finally it turned to double-storey bungalow. I really love living here because it is situated in the fishermen village, far away from the town. It's near the beach. My mom loves gardening and the house compound was full with flowers and trees. We moved out from the house in 2010 since my father has retired and wanted to go back to his hometown, Kelantan. I really miss this place and this house.

2. Taman Sari

I'm now living with my Ummi (mother-in-law) and I like staying here. It's like living in Sura Tengah but there's no beach. But I don't mind as long as it's far from the city (not very far actually but still can smell the fresh air and kampong-like style). It's a semi-D house and it's very comfortable. And there's small garden too!

3. Kampung Gua Salor

This is my kampong....oppss sorry, was, since my aunt doesn't live there anymore. Well, I've lots of memories (sweet and bitter and whatsoever) here with my cousins whom like my own family. Every time there's school holiday, this was the place where I loved to hangout with my gangs. Haha! It's beside the green paddy-field and yeah, we've done a lot of fishing and battling with slugs and leeches.

4. No. 62 house

Aha! This was the loveliest rent house I've ever been! I've meet the most funniest, the most loyal friends or I should call them sisters or best buddies ever! After we've been living in MAKCIK JAHAT's house. we lived here for almost 3 years (2 and half for me since I'm the most senior). Even thought the house is small and we have to battle with the big rats, but it's comfortable for us. There are 2 big rooms and sometimes we loved to loiter in the living room, playing computer games or watch movies.

5. Taman Desa Telipot

This is our new settlement after living in Kampung Sura Tengah for almost 26 years. It's a residential house, double-storey but two times smaller than our house back then. Abah bought this house when I was small (or still a baby) but he had to work in Dungun. The family who rented our house had moved out and the house has been renovated. Since I'm staying with my Ummi with little Muhammad, I can say that this is Muhammad's kampong. Haha!

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