Sunday, 4 October 2015


The haze is getting worse in Besut. I couldn't barely see the buildings when I was at the top of the Tok Bali's bridge this morning. I thought it was a fog at first. Then I realize the haze has arrived to the eastern side of the Peninsula.

Most of my students complained that they are having sore throat and cough. Heard from the news this afternoon saying that all school must close due to haze for two days, starting tomorrow (except for Kelantan, Labuan, Sabah and Sarawak)

But MRSM will still be operated as usual because of the PT3 exam (pffft!) THis is so unfair! We are not breathing with bionic lungs here...HELLO! Why these people are trying to torture us teachers and students. Give us a break, will ya!

Thank God that the meeting was short (it's nearly one hour and hey, the Pricipal broke the record!) and I can go back home early. The haze started to spread in KB this evening and I couldn't see the Billion Mall building well.

The mask will be supplied tomorrow and I wanted the N95, not the lame one!


Parmita said...

Hey Fei! Thank you for visiting my blog.

Oh my god! It's terrible! I hope you and your family are fine. This haze situation seems to be troubling. I'm not aware what it all means but is this due to natural causes or something else?

Praying for your well being!
Take care!
-Sui aka Parmita

Feilong said...

hey there, Sui.

yup, it's really terrible. most of the school have to be closed due to the haze. but it quite okay today and it's sunny. i miss the sun for few days...

the haze was caused the Indonesian who burn their forests for agriculture activity. they said that it's their traditional way to get the best soil but seriously, they don't even bother what happened around them. they even got us offended by saying it's just a month haze and they have been supplying the oxygen for 11 months annually. what the heck!

anyway, i'm working on my story. i need to edit my new story for a little bit. Next week I am kind of free so i think i should continue editing my story. feel free to read it here. and thanks for your comment.

lots of love,
Fei Long