Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Weekend #1

I thought that I can finish my work this weekend but no, I was wrong. I brought the hard copy of my analysis from school and saved the document into my pen drive, thinking that I was able to do them at night after little Muhammad went to bed (he always goes to bed early), but I couldn't because of so many distractions. 

I hate distractions! Seriously,
Let me tell you a little bit of what happened during the weekend


I have extra class with the form 3 students. The exams are around the corner and yes they need the physical and spiritual plus emotional support from the teachers. I was kind of frustrated because two boys didn't show up until the end of the class. I know one of them is not even care of the teachers' feeling because he thinks that he's born genius. 


Another boy is always missing because I know him well. I have been teaching this particular boy for 3 years now and he loves to make himself over-sleep. I might want to see him this Sunday and have a teacher-and-student talk until he cry himself out loud! 

Enough with the students, anyway.

After Jumaat prayer, my parents, little Muhammad and I went to the Billion Mall. I bought few pairs of Muhammad shirts and pants since he grows a lot these few months. Then we went to the grocery sections, buying all the stuff that we need to make some stocks.

Nothing much happen on this day. I went to sleep early because I was sooooooo tired, even little Muhammad hit the sack earlier than I thought.


Muhammad woke up at 2 am, and I realized that he got stomachache (but he didn't cry at all even though I knew that he got a stomach problem that night). I need to change his diaper since he messed up half of the futon (we sleep on the futon since I forbid ourselves to sleep on the bed) with his poops. I brought him to the toilet (thank God that I have my own toilet in my room), cleaned him up cleaned the mess.

We changed the futon and continued sleeping at 3. I thought that he will get up late but no, he woke up at 6 (he usually wakes up around 5) and demanded me to wake up too (I'm having my period so no prayer time for me...hehe). 

We went to Tesco this morning and I promised my cousin to meet her and her daughters there since we're on our way there. We had a little discussion at the food court on the English paper. 

Little Muhammad and I slept 4 hours today because we're totally tired (he played with the vacuum cleaner in that whole morning while I needed to keep an eye on him). 

I have school tomorrow and thankfully he understands and went to bed early. 

So that's a little bit of event of my weekend. I need to continue my work at school tomorrow.....

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