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Circle Quartet: Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Finally, it’s over! I tell you, it’s over! I’m the king of the world, no, I’m on top of the world. From now on, I can do whatever I want! Freedom! Oh, it’s beautiful! But before that, I need to clear my locker. This is my final year so there’s no need to leave my stuffs here. After shouting while jumping, saying that the exams are over with my other classmates, I run to the lockers. The others ask me to join them at the café but I refuse. I want to go home early as I can. The Principal gave the permission already.

I open my locker and my jaw drops. There are lot of stuffs in here. How can I not realize that? Think, Alice, think! There’s no way I can carry all of these on my bike. I take out the cell phone from my pocket. Now, who shall I call at this time? Ace? No. He told me that he has something to do with Sable today so maybe they’ll come back late. Beatrice? Oh, she has to train the new witches for the mission. Raina? No way! I think she’s gone shopping with Raven and Macie since they finished their exams yesterday. I tap the cell phone to my chin wondering who can pick me up. But I can’t leave my bike here.

“Are you going back?” I hear a voice not far from my locker and turn around. It’s Stefan! What is he doing here? And did he just talk to me? Or am I dreaming? I just can’t believe it! But I need to act normal. I don’t want to look stupid in front of him.

“Oh, it’s you. Yeah, I’m going back but I need to call someone first,” I tell him. “Are you going back too?”

He nods and approaches me. “That’s sure lot of stuffs. Want me to carry them to your home? I have my car at the car park,” he offers.

I’m really out of idea right now. Maybe I should accept his offer. Besides, he really wants to help me. “Uhh…sure. Thanks. But I need to find a box to pack all these stuffs.”

“No need. I have an extra box. You can have that,” he says and goes to his locker. He picks the box and hands it to me.

“Thanks,” I mutter and start to pack my stuffs. Stefan helps me too. I feel strange. Really strange. I’ve never been in this situation with Stefan before. He seldom talks and he never offer any help before.

He picks up the box after we have done cleaning my locker. Then I follow him to the car. Wait a minute, my bike!

“Stefan, umm…you head to my house first. I’m taking my bike.”

He stares at me.

“Stefan, is something wrong?” His animal instinct is super good. Maybe he senses a danger.

“N-no. I was wondering if I can put your bike in my car boot,” he blinks few times and turns away. Did he just blush? I shake my head. Something wrong with my brain, I guess.

“There’s no need. I can cycle back home,” I insist.

“Are you sure that’ll be okay with you?”

“Yeah, I’m fine with that.”

“Okay, then. We’ll meet at your house.”

He starts the engine while I run to my bike.

Stefan stays for lunch and this makes everybody happy. Stefan seldom comes here let alone having lunch together with us. Aunt Ada and Mom cook their best meals just because there’s only one Wolf guest in the house.

My little cousins enjoy their lunch with Stefan. I don’t know that he attracts the kids. They love talking with Stefan and this is the first time I see him talking with children.

“Stefan, are you a vampire too?” asks my 9-year-old cousin, Lacey.

“No. I’m a werewolf,” answers Stefan.

“I know, I know. You can turn into a werewolf, right?” Lacey grins. Stefan nods. “Can you turn into a puppy?”

“Lacey, how many times I told you not to ask something ridiculous?” says Aunt Nadine with an angry face.

“Sorry,” Lacey mutters and looks down. Then Stefan picks her up on his laps.

“Lacey, I can’t turn into a puppy. But I can buy you one,” he says and Lacey cheers. Then my other cousin, Sabrina tugs Stefan’s arm and tells him that she wants a puppy too with brown in colour.

Poor Stefan. Now he has to find two puppies for my cousins. Aunt Nadine hushes them and apologizes to Stefan. Not long after that, Stefan excuses himself to leave. I’m going to see him again this coming Thursday for Graduation Day.

I yawn few times and stretch my neck. How long the Principal is going to end his speech? He takes twenty minutes just to tell us about his past life. I don’t want to know about his life. I want this ceremony will be over so that I can throw up my mortar board. I look around and my eyes meet Stefan’s. He, too, seems a little bored but he flashes his smirks at me. It nearly makes my heart melts. No one can resist that smile!

I clear my throat and try to concentrate on what the Principal is going to say. Then he ends his speech after blabbering for about 30 minutes. I think it’s more than that. Then the graduation ceremony begins. The emcee calls out the names in alphabetical order and my name is the third one. I smile to the camera as I take the certificate. I also get the award of the best Volleyball player for two years. Stefan gets the best pitcher. After the ceremony ends, we all go out from the hall and take pictures. My friends and I throw our mortar board in the air and hug with each other for I won’t be able to see them again. I tell them that I’m going to Europe and that of course is a plain lie. I’m not going to Europe actually.

My family treats me at the finest restaurant in town, together with the Silvers. Mr. Azure is Dad’s best friend since they’re kindergarten. I still don’t get how a vampire and a werewolf can be best friend. Aren’t they supposed to be mutual enemy? But I’m not interested with that right now. The foods are more important because Mom says I can eat whatever I want. This is the right time to dig them all!

We go back home after that and I jump joyfully on my bed. I’m going to stay up late tonight. But I go to the basement first to get my supplies from Jeff. There are six bottles left. I open the cork and put the straw in it. I take a sip and yes, this is an absolute pleasure. I go to my room, switch on my laptop while sipping the blood. I check my e-mail and there’s no mail from Jeff. Maybe he’s busy or on his mission. I mail him, telling him about my graduation day. I write to him as long as I want. Maybe I can pay him a visit.

I open my Facebook and chat with my friends. I have almost thousand friends and I’m satisfied with it. As I am busy chatting, a beeping sound beeps from my laptop. I receive an e-mail. Maybe it’s from Jeff. I quickly click to my e-mail and look at the inbox. It’s not from Jeff but it’s from Grandma Zelda. My eyes are widening as I read the content of the e-mail. I receive an invitation, a very important invitation that I’ve been waiting for. An invitation to the Circle!

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Salam Maal Hijrah 1433

Salam Maal Hijrah to all Muslims bloggers.

May this year will be better than the past.

I'm thinking of listing my new year's resolutions but never mind. I should keep that to myself. :)

I'll be away for two days. If you miss me, just shout at my shout box. Haha!

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Circle Quartet: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Someone knocks on my door and I know that it is Dad. I open the door and give him a big warm smile.

“How do I look?” I twirl right and left like I’m wearing a dress to a ball.

“You look wonderful but too casual. But it doesn’t matter. It’s just family gathering,” Dad smiles back and pats on my head. He loves doing that since I was a kid.

“Are they here?” I ask.

Dad nods. “They just arrived. Your grandmother can’t wait to see you, honey. Come, to the main living room,” Dad escorts me there.

The main living room is where the guest of honour will be seated. It’s spacious with five sets of sofas and of course the pictures hanging on the wall. It also has big chandeliers. Not to mention the room is air-conditioned. Suddenly I feel quite nervous. Seeing him is the most part of it even though he is part of my family.

“Well, Alice! It’s very nice to meet you!” Grandma Maegan hugs me before I do. “You’ve grown a little and did you cut your hair?”

“It’s nice to see you to, Grandmama!” I hug her back. “Isn’t it nice? I love to keep it short,” I stroke my hair.

“Of course it’s nice, my dear,” she chuckles.

“Let’s adjourn to the dining room. They are waiting for you,” says Mom and looks for someone who has just left. “Looks like someone is really hungry.”

Mom, Dad and Grandma Maegan laughs. We escort her to the dining room. Everybody greets her joyfully and Grandma Zelda hugs her tight, asking about her health. They praise each other and take their seats. Then I spot my rival who is walking towards me.

“It’s been a while, Alice. Did you like my presents that I sent to you last two weeks?” he hugs me.

“Of course, I do. That’s the best blood I ever taste!” I hug him back. I really miss his warm hug but he smells different today. “Did you change your perfume?”

He nods. “The older one is already being used up. So I buy the brand new one. Do you like it? And by the way, there’s another box of supplies just for you. Double purified,” he smiles.

I thank him and take a sit. He sits next to me. This is my rival, Jeff, who carries two family names, Amber-Black - the one and only half vampire and half wizard. And yes, he is my eldest brother.

The feast begins not long after that and everyone is talking about the good old days. Grandma Zelda and Grandma Maegan are good childhood friends and so to me and Jeff. Jeff used to be my best childhood friend I ever had. Wherever he goes, he always drags me along. He never let go off my hand if we’re walking and if I felt tired, he gave me a piggy ride.

Jeff is two years older than me and he’s the most protective brother. He never let anyone bullied me even though I’m strong since I was little. When he went to school, I always wait for him at the porch 15 minutes before he arrived and he always bought something for me such as candies, chocolates and even junk foods. Sometimes Mom forbade him to buy those things.

But everything was change when he turned 15. That’s when Mom and Dad knew that he’s also can cast spells besides drinking blood. He was being promoted to the Witch Academy in account for his rare talents. Then he went to Vampire Academy when he turned 17. He was then promoted to be an assassin as he is good in fighting skills. As an assassin, he has to stay away from home. That’s why he seldom comes back.

I too, want to be an assassin that’s why I see him as my rival. I want to proof that I too, have the same skill as him. I practice martial arts everyday and join Dad in his missions. Dad says that I have sharpened my skills and he sometimes lets me hunt for bad guys with my vampire cousins.

You see, we drink the blood from the culprits that we caught and it’s the witches and wizards work to purify the blood. As Jeff is a half-wizard, he purifies every blood that will be sent to me. I know he wants to show that he still cares about me even though we seldom talk to each other even through phone calls. He writes e-mails but only twice a month.

I feel kind of lonely without him being by my side and it’s not a simple thing to do when you are too young to be left behind. I know that it was not his fault for leaving the house at the young age but still I missed the good and bad days with him. Now here he is, sitting beside me, laughing at the jokes and eat heartily, I feel delightful. I ignore the envious feeling that I have for him all this time. I want to be happy. I want to show to him that I’m happy.

After finishing the desserts, the grandchildren have to clear the table and wash the dishes. The elderly being will adjourn to the main parlour for ‘adult’ talk. The children are strictly forbidden to join in. So, we loiter around the veranda and having nice hot chocolate. Tonight is somehow chilly since the autumn draws near.

Three days fly so fast. It seems that they just came here yesterday. On the last night, I absorb myself once again studying Physics in the library. Lucky me for the three day break so I have lots of time to stuff all the information and formulas into my small brain. Jeff helped me this past three days and he’s really good in Physics. Jeff gives lots of exams tips and the most crucial thing is to sleep early. I look at the clock and it’s already half past ten. Time to go to bed.

I pick up the textbook and walk lazily to my room. I hear the sounds and chattering and laughter from downstairs. They are having nice last chat. Grandma Maegan and Jeff will be leaving tomorrow. I already met Grandma Maegan before heading to the library after dinner. She told me to do the best in my exams. I told her that I’ll spend my school holiday with her for two weeks.

Jeff usually will come to my room and give me some motivational support. He always did that back then. But I’m sure he will come tonight. My eyelids are getting heavier and heavier. I yawn couples of time and lay on the bed. Ah, this is heaven! I wish that the exams will end soon. I can’t wait to be free!

The ring of the alarm clock wakes me up. How did the clock ring? I didn’t remember that I set the alarm last night. Jeff hasn’t come. I feel a little bit frustrated. I yawn and stretch. I have one hour before going to school. As I am now ready to go to school, I spot something on my bed table. A note from Jeff.

Dear Alice,

All the best in your Physics exam today. I’m sure that you can do well. I did come in last night but you already fast asleep. You snored quite loud! Here’s a lucky charm for you! I put the best spells so that you’ll pass the exam. Till we meet again, little buddy!

                                                                                                          Lots of love,

I smile and take a look at the lucky charm he gave to me. It’s a necklace with emerald locket in the middle. It’s very beautiful. Thank you, Jeff. Sorry for having wrong thoughts on you. I’m sure that he’ll understand. I wear the necklace and look at the mirror for one last time. It’s perfect. Physics exam, here I come!

The Super Mom Song

Watch until the end! I know you're gonna like it!

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Circle Quartet: Chapter 6

Chapter 6

This week is examination week. Most of us are busy studying in the library which is located near the basement. We have our own library and it’s bigger than the state library. Everything is here so there’s no need to waste our time going to the state library or school library. The shelves are high and ladders are provided. For the Black family, they just click their fingers and the books will fly to them. But I prefer climbing the ladder though.

I’m sitting with my twin cousins, Raven and Macie. They too are facing the examination just like me. Three of us are the final exams battlers – that’s what Uncle Yale called us since last week. This is my final year so I need to put more effort for it. My family is putting a high hope for me to get the flying colour results so I need to work harder than I used to be.

I can’t wait for the exams to end because after that I can obtain my freedom. No more high school for me! It’s not like I hate high school. But sometimes I want my life to be filled with adventure. And I know my real adventure will start when I step in the Vamp-High (It’s not the real name anyway). Raina has just obtained her freedom after spending most her free time cooking with Ace.

Both of them are mutual rival. They scream and shout at each other. Sometimes they have magical fight where they show how powerful they are. They can’t even sit together for one minute. There’s time when I joined them in the kitchen, Ace was complaining about Raina’s not-so-tasty-and-scrumptious beef stew. Then Raina gave her 100-miles shout at Ace. Then they fight, I mean a real fight. Both of them casted some spells and almost turn the kitchen into a battlefield. Luckily I was been able to stop them by hitting them on the face, hard.

Ace really took the opportunity to ‘torture’ Raina because she can’t use magic during her punishment week. Ace and Raina are the best spellcaster except for Raina sometimes being a little careless especially when she gets too excited or panic. Ace on the other hand is calm and good in analyzing the situation. That’s why Grandma Zelda loves him, I suppose. But Grandma loves all her grandchildren.

Beatrice has something to do in the Witch Academy so she’s not around so often. Sometimes I envy her because she’s talented, beautiful and strong. Grandma calls her ‘secret weapon’ because she already mastered most of the hard spells and she’s a fast learner. She has been into lots of mission since she went to the Witch Academy. I too have joined the mission with my cousins and Dad but only during the school break. The missions that I have joined were not as dangerous as Beatrice’s.

Now here I am sticking my nose to Physics textbook. I need to memorize all the formulas and understand the terms. I have five papers more before I obtain the absolute freedom – it’s not really absolute but I don’t care anyway. I chew the back tip of the 2B pencil – one of my bad habits since kindergarten. I love chewing the pencil because I like the taste of the wood. I usually have some chips to chew or anything to drink but this is the library so no food and drinks are allowed, even it is our home library. We have to abide the rules or Aunt Ada or Mom will turn us into dust-bunnies. They may sound cute but they are horrible.

I close the books that I studied since two hours ago and sigh. Physics is really, really hard and tough. My brain is almost explodes. Raven and Macie are still discussing about Science. Next year, they are going to be in Middle High School. Suddenly, there’s rush of wind blows our books and hairs. We yelp and I almost fall down from the chair as Sable appears.

“Hey! Watch for your going, Sable! You are destroying my hair!” shout Macie angrily as her hair crumples.

Sable, my youngest brother, runs very fast. Wherever he wants to go, he always runs. In school, he’s one of the famous athletes. Not to mention that he’s also talk fast.

Sable grins. “Sorry guys. I’ll make your hair up later.”

“Sable, what did I tell you about disturbing the girls?” I shot a death glare at him, hands on my hips.

“I’m sorry, Alice. I have news to tell you and they’re really, really important.” He talks fast. See, I told you?

“What news?” asks Raven who can picks up what is Sable trying to say.

“I have good news and I have bad news,” states Sable, word by word. He tries to catch his breath.

“Good news first,” I demand.

“Good news is Grandma Maegan will come here and she’ll stay for three days.”

I cheer. It’s been a while since Grandma Maegan came here to visit us. I seldom go to her mansion this year so I think this is the greatest opportunity to meet her and talk to her. Wait, there’s still another news that I want to know.

“And the bad news?”

“The bad news is your rival will be coming too…with Grandma Maegan.” Sable slowly walk backwards in case I burst into rage.

“What?” I shriek.

Raven and Macie quickly hide behind Sable. They know that I don’t like my rival. Why is he coming so soon? Why now? I’m not ready to face him yet. But I rather see him than seeing the lone-Wolf guy. But that’s not the matter. The matter now my rival is going to be here any minute.

“What time are they coming?” I ask.

Sable gulps. “This evening. In an hour.”

Oh, this is great. One minute struggling with Physics and next I’ll be having a nightmare. I left the library after re-arrange the reference books back on the shelves. I need Ace right now. I knock on his door and he invites me to come in. His room is much neater than mine.

“You have to pick up the dress for me. Grandma Meagan and my rival are coming in one hour,” I give him the order.

Ace stands up abruptly from his bed and claps his hand. Then we go to my room. I forgot to make the bed, again. Ace shakes his head as he sees my bed in a complete mess. I open my wardrobe and ask about his advice.

“Now, let’s see,” he scans my wardrobe and takes out few dresses. “Are you into formal or freestyle?”

“I don’t know whether the dinner will be formal. But I need a suitable dress,” I answer.

“How about the casual wear? I think dinner is not going to be formal. Only two guests of honour are coming. Here,” he takes out the white long sleeve tee with a cat painted on it and blue denim jeans, “that’s suit you for tonight.”

“Thanks so much, Ace,” I kiss him on the cheek. “I’ll treat you something after exams. I promise.”

“That’s what I like to hear from you, Alice. And by the way, good luck meeting with your mutual rival. I know exactly how you feel.” Ace pats on my shoulder, making his solemn face. I roll my eyes and waves goodbye.

I stare at the outfit that has been chosen by Ace. I hope that tonight is going to be good night. I look at the clock on my bed table. I have 45 minutes left. Time is running out! 

Open Up Your Mind

Motivational Song....I think. Hehe. Enjoy!

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Circle Quartet: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“So, how’s your high-tea, Alice dear? Do you have some fun?” asks Mom as she knits. She loves knitting and sewing. She has done so many embroideries, clothes and anything to do with needle and thread. Winter is getting near so I think that she’s making another scarf for us. I used to learn cross-stitch with her but no avail. I end up stitching something else. I’m not as creative as my Mom. Maybe that’s the proof that I’m not having any blood from the Black family. They are all creative creatures.

“Don’t ask,” I mutter while lying on my stomach on the sofa. After what happened this evening really makes me feel like a rotten egg.

I’m now loitering in my family chamber with Mom, Dad and two of my brothers, Ace and Sable, waiting for dinner. Most of the time, when there’s nothing to do, we usually spend our time in our own chamber which is located on the fourth floor. There are three main chambers on this floor while Grandma Zelda’s chamber is at the top; the fifth floor.

The chamber is exactly look like a normal house. It has a living room, a little kitchen with a six-seated dining table – I call it little because our main kitchen is 5 times more larger and wider and a bathroom. But there’s only one bedroom which is my parents’. Our bedrooms are on the third floor, the most happening and clamorous – that’s what my Dad used to say. We always create a racket and some of us are the hooligans of this house.

Ace and Sable are playing the Need For Speed game – I don’t know what number of the game because it usually has lots of parts and versions. I play video games too but not racing type. I usually play the fighting type, especially during my mood swings. If I don’t feel like punching the sandbag, I’ll release all my pressure by pressing the controller buttons. I have already broken up 5 controllers in this past three months. Another breaking-the-controller records.

“Don’t worry about the meeting after dinner, dear. Your grandmother is going to have a nice chit-chat with the granddaughters. She’s not going to turn you guys into leech or dust-bunnies,” saya Mom as I am still burying my face in the pillow.

“Raina just blew our cover. I told her, no, I yelled at her on top of my lungs and did she hear me? No! I was just two-feet away from here! Argh!” I bury my face deeper. I need to scream right now.

Dad comes in with the bottle of the supply. That’s what I need. The blood. I sit up on the sofa, pretend that nothing happen and smile sheepishly to Dad who is dangling the bottle in front of me.

“Drink it up, Alice. This will sweep your worries away,” he hands the bottle to me. He already put the straw in it. I sip as much as I want until Ace smacks me on the head.

“Don’t spill the blood, Alice. You’ll ruin the nice sofa cover I bought from Italy last month,” he hops next to me. Ace is following Mom’s genetic in sewing and knitting. He loves doing those too. He even sew the sofa and bed cover by himself, without using any magic spells!

“Hey, I’m not spilling it. If it spilled then it’s your fault,” I knock on his head. He just laughs and says I’m in the good mood. You see, Ace is the one who knows me inside out.

“Tell me about your fight with the robbers. I heard from Harley that you guys fight like a real man,” Sable then hops next to me. He already shut off his video game.

I roll my eyes. I’m just trying to forget the tragedy. Sable stares at me, trying to do the puppy-eyes. He thinks that he’s 3 years-old boy where people will flatter and say how cute this boy is. But still I can’t resist the eyes power of the youngest brother.

“Well, we just chased and ran and kicked and used some magic spell. Then a man appeared out of nowhere telling us that he’ll take care of the robbers whom already  being tied and delivered the message from Grandma,” I tell them but not the whole story. There’s no way I’m telling about me and that lonely Wolf, not in front of my parents. They are hoping that one day I’ll be married to him and we’re going to live happily ever after. This is not fairy tale. This is real life. But I don’t want to have the argument with my parents, especially my Mom. She’s the best debater in school.

“I wish you good luck, Alice,” he says, pretending to be solemn and pats my shoulder as if we’re in the middle of burial ceremony. I smack his face with the cushion.

“If you want to fight, go somewhere else. It’s nearly dinner time so let’s get ready. Grandma Zelda doesn’t like late comers,” warns Dad. We scramble to our room to get ready. I pray more, hoping that the meeting after dinner is not horrible as I imagine.

I only touch the tuna casserole instead of chicken pasta. I have lost my appetite since Granma Zelda hasn’t say any word about the incident or the meeting. Everybody is enjoying the meals especially the kids where they always love to eat chicken. I glance at Raina who is gobbling up her pasta and French bread. She doesn’t even care what kind of punishment that she’ll be facing after this. Food is crucial for her at this moment.

We have apple pies for the dessert and they are all vanish in one blink. Who doesn’t like Grandma Zelda’s apple pie? She bakes the best apple pie ever! Mom once said that my late grandfather couldn’t even resist the sweet taste of Grandma Zelda’s apple pie until in his deathbed. That’s the power of true love. I think I’m going to learn to make the apple pie from Grandma Zelda.

Raina gobbles two apple pies since I pass the pie to her. She’s some kind of delightful tonight. Beatrice and I are worried about what Grandma Zelda will say about this evening incident but not Raina. Sometimes I don’t understand about her. She’s been so ridiculously mysterious because of her unexpected behaviour.

“Beatrice, Alice and Raina. Meet me in the meeting parlour in 15 minutes,” says Grandma Zelda while wiping her mouth gently with the napkin.

Beatrice and I gulp and nod. We have to be there earlier than 15 minutes. Raina is still abandoning herself digging up all the food on the table. I nudge Raina who is munching the pie. She nearly chokes and grabs the lemon juice, her favourite.

“Are you going to kill me?” she tries to strangle me.

“It’s better late than never. You’re going to be dead in 15 minutes. Hurry. Grandma wants to meet us in the meeting parlour. Better get yourself ready, Raina,” I warn her, ignoring the strangles.

“Don’t worry. Grandma isn’t a cruel person. She won’t torture us, you’ll see,” she smiles and licks her fingers.

“Oh she won’t torture us, Raina. She’ll torture you!” Beatrice points her finger to Raina’s forehead.

“And why is that?” Raina doesn’t seem to be satisfied.

“Because you blew our cover this evening! Don’t you remember anything about that?” I nearly lose my head. But Ace calms me down. Thanks you little brother!

“That was just an accident. Everybody makes mistake,” Raina smiles innocently and shrugs.

We rush to the meeting parlour in next 15 minutes. The parlour abounds with the pictures of our ancestors mostly from the Black family. There are rows of chairs and a big mahogany table at the end where Grandma Zelda sits there. We walk in a slow pace, approaching our beloved grandmother. I can’t read her mind so I don’t know whether she’s angry or not.

“You know why I call you three here, don’t you?” she asks. Three of us nod. We don’t dare to utter a word, including Raina. She’s now as stiff as a stone.

“I’m proud of what you have done. Capturing the robbers and keep the shoppers save,” she informs. We smile and feel relief. “But…,”

Our smile fade as we hear the word ‘but’. Grandma Zelda’s face sort of changes a bit. She’s holding a TV remote and presses the button. An LCD TV screen appears behind her.

“I have watched everything,” she says in a cold voice. She plays back the incident at Jher Mall then she pauses at Raina’s ribbon-extend part. “Can you explain this, Raina?”

Raina looks at me and the Beatrice. Then she forces herself to tell the truth. “Umm…actually, it was an accident, Grandma. I didn’t notice the guards, I swear! Please, don’t punish these two,” she points to me and Beatrice. “It’s my fault. I’m so careless and act without thinking and looking around first. I’ll do anything, Grandma. I’ll clean the house, I’ll wash the clothes, and…and I’ll cook! I’ll cook anything!” Raina is getting nervous that I think she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

A smile appears on Grandma Zelda’s face. Looks like Raina is falling in Grandma’s trap. Beatrice and I notice it and we try not to laugh.

“You say you’ll cook? That’s very nice of you, Raina. It’s decided that your punishment is to cook for the whole family this whole week. Ace is going to guide you and be your boss in the kitchen. And no using magic while you’re cooking,” Grandma smiles widely.

Ace is Grandma Zelda’s favourite grandson. She’ll back up Ace no matter what and Ace is her apprentice and a good cook by the way. Beatrice and I start to snicker. Raina is looking paler.

“What? But Grandma…I…,” she stutters

“No but. This is your punishment and you have to accept it, young lady. Discipline is the most important thing for witches like us. Don’t forget that. And for you two,” Grandma points at us as we’re giggling, “good job in capturing the robbers. There are no punishments for you, dearest. You may go now. Happy cooking, Raina,” Grandma winks at her.

We leave the room and Beatrice and I laugh out loud. Raina is not satisfied for what she got just now.

“It’s not fair! How come you guys didn’t get any punishment?” she says, her hands on her hips.

“That’s because we’re not as careless as you are, Raina. Face the music,” Beatrice wipes her tears as she laughs so hard.

“And it’s your fault to mention ‘I’ll cook’. You know that you’re not good in cooking. And you can’t even use magic. You have to learn by yourself,” I pat her shoulder.

“I’d rather be flushed in the toilet bowl rather than cook with him. You know that Ace is my rival! There’s no way he treat me like a human. Oh, this is torturing me!” She throws her arms in the air.

Beatrice and I get the nasty idea. “Okay then. Let us flush you in the toilet, Raina!” We grab her arm, side by side, ready to take her to the toilet. I can’t wait to flush her! She struggles to free herself and as she’s free she runs as fast as she can to her room. We can hear the door bang. Once again, Beatrice and I laugh our heart out. 

School Holiday in the Rain


This is the most I-can't-wait-for day. School Holiday! Yay! Yay!

This year, I don't have to standby for the SPM Battlers in the hostel (being a warden is really, really tough). It's raining since yesterday and I have to hang my damp clothes in the house. My other housemate already went back the day before yesterday so it's only me and my other, other housemate are left.

I left the school this morning while the rain was pouring down heavily. I need to drive carefully, no, extra careful! The road is like only GOD knows!

So, here I am, sitting on the carpet with my Pyoro (my laptop's name). I still need to squeeze some of the ideas from the brain to continue writing the next chapter of my Circle Quartet series.

I was planning to go to the KB Mall yesterday but have to postpone because of the rain. I need to cover myself with blanket and drink hot chocolate!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Circle Quartet: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

30-minute ride to Jher Mall in sporty Mazda with a Wolf called Stefan is not a good thing to begin with. The only sound that accompanies us is the engine. He even doesn’t turn on the radio. What’s the purpose of putting the radio in the car if you don’t want to listen to it? Doesn’t he have a life or something? For normal teenagers like us, music is part of our lives. Well, I’m not normal either but at least my life is full of absolute pleasures – everything except being with this lonely Wolf.

“You can turn on the radio if you wanted to,” he suddenly talks but his eyes are still concentrating on the road.

He can read minds! Sheesh! I wonder he knows what I am thinking about him all this time. I think he knows! That’s why he acts like this whenever I’m with him. Great. I find another amusing thing about this Wolf guy.

I press on the On button. The ‘My Heart Will Go On’ song appears. I change to another station. The oldies song pops out. I press each numbers of the radio but there isn’t any single song that satisfies my mood right now. One of the bad habits of me is I easily get pre-occupied with gadgets even it is just a car radio. I haven’t realized that we already reach the Jher Mall.

“Err…Alice. We’re here,” he announces.

I jump a little bit as he taps my shoulder slowly.

“Oh…umm…really?” I try to act normal. How embarrassing!

We get out from the car and go upstairs for we park the car in the basement. I can see Zayne’s car not far from Stefan’s. The first floor is full with shoppers, carrying their shopping bags, giggling, talking, and even window shopping. Stefan asks me where to go first so I tell him I want to go the mall first. It’s situated in the first floor and the thing that I really need most is in there.

Stefan follows me as I walk in a fast pace to the mall. I see Stefan picks a basket. Maybe he wants to do some shopping, who knows. The place is cramp with people, especially women. I grab the battery which I longed for three days and get ready to pay at the counter. Stefan is still carrying the basket which is empty. I think he just loves to carry a basket. What a strange guy he is!

I pay the battery and we linger around to the second floor. This floor is abounded with clothes, jeans and gift shops. We enter the gift shop and look around. I’m thinking of getting something for Dafne. Maybe a small doll or a keychain. Suddenly, Stefan tugs my arm.

“Something is going on up there,” he says while looking at the third floor.

“What?” I ask. He nearly making me pisses off for distracting me just now.

He doesn’t say a word. I think he’s trying to use his instinct – an animal instinct. Then, two gunshots are heard. People start to scream and scramble like headless chickens. Stefan turns to me as if waiting for my command.

“Well, let’s get down to business, shall we?” I smile widely and crack my knuckles.

Both of us sprint in the middle of panicking and screaming people. I contact Beatrice by using telepathy. That is one of my abilities as a vampire (even though I’m only half-blood vampire).

Bet! Situation, please! I sort of scream to her.

Zayne and I are on the third floor. The culprits separate into two locations. You take East. We’ll go to the West. I think Raina and Tavis are at the East. I nod as I get the information.

“We’re going to the East. Raina and Tavis are there!” I grab his hand and teleport to the East where people are rushing to the exit. Teleportation is my second ability anyway.

Raina is surprise when Stefan and I suddenly pop out in front of her. “Good! You guys are here. Any plan?” she asks.

“Three of them are running this way and they have guns,” says Tavis. The animal instinct is a big help here.

“Okay. On three, we’re going to send them flying as they reach down the escalator,” I say as I can see them running down from the escalator. “Three!”

Four of us strike as the culprits reach the second floor. I kick one of them hard on the face. He drops his gun and I grab him by the collar from behind. Stefan and Tavis manage to stop two of them from fleeing away.

“All right! We did it!” cheers Raina. But she suddenly stops and looks on the left. The other culprits are on the run. Beatrice and Zayne are chasing them.

Raina quickly tackle them by giving a low kick and they stumble on the ground. Beatrice smiles at her and touch the floor. Other people are busy with their running and escaping the shopping mall so they don’t even bother what we are doing right now.

“Dit Sluit!” Beatrice mutters a spell to the culprits. They can’t even move and inch and stay stiff as a rock.

“Right. Let’s tie them up!” Raina pull off the ribbons from her pigtails and ready to tie them up by using a spell.

I see the security guards are coming from the escalator. “Wait, Raina! Don’t do it yet!” But it’s too late.

“Zvarritje Litar!” The ribbons expand and automatically tie the culprits into a bundle. The guards stop their running and stare at Raina weirdly.

“Looks like we’re in a big trouble,” says Beatrice, shaking her head.

I slap my palm on my forehead. We’re doom! Then there’s a flash. Within a second, everyone has freeze, except us. A man with blue shirt and jeans appears in the middle of nowhere.

“I’ll take care of the culprit. You guys can go now,” he says with a low voice and picks up the culprit. I know him. He’s one of Granny Zelda’s underlings. “By the way, I have a word from your grandmother. She’ll be seeing you after dinner.”

Then the man takes the culprits away. As he walk out of our sight, the situation becomes normal again. There are no more running, screaming and panicking. The guards go back to their duty.

“Let us take you home. You guys look…like a zombie,” says Zayne. How come we don’t look like a zombie? Grandma Zelda will definitely kill us!

p/s: sorry for taking bloody ages to post this chapter. I've just having a nice holiday after marking the exam papers!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Aidiladha Break

Salam friends.

I'm taking a short break for Hari Raya Qurban.

The next chapter will be posted after Hari Raya.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.